Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blurness actually did it?

All about being courageous and brave, in the end blurness did it.
All my life I'm gonna be this blur?

One lesson I learnt from this is to always do every single thing AWAKE. Or else, you'll jerk up suddenly from your sleep, refresh on what you really did, feel butterflies all around ur body and rush to shower for 30 minutes as a WAKE UP call.

The feeling was utterly unimaginable. Anticipation and hope (as quoted from *someone*). Fear and guilt. Dumb and blur. Anxious and teary. Shaky and excited.

Literally made me walked around my room, doing totally unnecessary things. I folded clothes which were already folded. Arranged my books which were not really messy. While my mind was lost!

But then, I was glad the outcome was not bad. You can say that it was the answer I was hoping for. That's why I am glad. So glad.

There is a sense of happiness, and also fear. Looking forward but also at the same time, fearing the uncertainties and unknowns in the future. How long can this moment take me?

I don't wanna think about it now. For now, at least, I am happy.

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