Thursday, May 18, 2006


And yet again, the serial blogger has started again. But this time I swear it's to last. I can't believe just a simple message from Steve about PoHwa's blog tempted me to blog all over again. Recalling the fun and relaxation it offered me during my rollercoaster-like first month here in Melbourne, I kinda miss this old friend of mine. So, g'day pal.

Glad to tell all of you guys that life is getting better here in Melbourne and .................more distracted, btw! The first month, I must have been a terrible pain to all of you! Always complaining, always sulking and always annoying all of you! Here, I sincerely say, 'Thanks! .........n serves u rite!' Haha, miss y'all!

Fortunately, I met some very very nice friends here! And because of this, eventhough winter is coming and pimples are growing, I feel all warm and happy inside! Thanks for all the advices, help, support, jokes, craps, lame jokes, coffee and cake nights, parties, laughs, outings and the list goes on...... Really really appreciate y'all!

Guess what? I had a great, great night! Filled with entertainment from lame jokes, fun company and SOMEONE's embarassing incident! Wahaha, now I cannot look at RuO and Raymond's face without laughing! Although it was just a 4 hour Chadstone trip, it was a really happy one! We not only found a nice present for dear Wendy's borthday tomorrow, but then we also ate EXTRA KAH LIU meal and I ate a ChinDui! Tomorrow, is gym day again!

Hm......come to think of it. Unexpected things do happen. As the old saying goes, the more you wish for it, the more it won't come, this has become pretty true. But then, what bothers me is the fact that why this always happen everytime I am on the brink of giving up?

Then there is Teru singing, 'If we doubt all our dreams and throw everything away now, can you say it is the right thing to do?' But then again, I still couldn't find the answer to this question ...............or the courage to seek for it.

I'll be going on a ski trip soon! Can hardly wait! It's gonna be fun~ One thing I did not regret for sure since coming here, is the Easter Camp. Can't believe how much nice people I met there. Grinning now, just thinking of all u guys!

I am currently chatting with Amanda.....! The cute little puffed princess back in Malaysia. It makes me wonder whether this technology I am using now is a blessing or a curse in disguise. While being able to connect people despite the distance, it also made people less enthusiastic for human contact. Can hearts really be touched or sincerity shown through wyres and a computer screen?

That is why despite all the talks and chats, I still miss everyone.

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