Sunday, May 21, 2006

Japan Festival @ BoxHill

Today was a much anticipated and exciting day for me! Japan Festival! But still I ended up waking up late. Just merely 30 minutes to prepare for my BIG day! Why is it a big day? FYI, loads of Japanese guys there, okay? Straight-forward! Hehe..... But guess what? All my opportunities were 'cut' by evil MojoJojo. Will never forgive him.

I went with MojoJojo, Amy and Olie, and as usual, Olie was only 40 minutes late. But then, we got to eat a lot more than her! The list of things I ate: Yakitori, dorayaki, Japanese Curry Rice, Senbei, Takoyaki, Calpico and sushi! Reminded me of pasar malam tho...with all the stalls there and the noisy crowd. REally miss my pasar malam nights with my dad.

Then the performance part! The bands were not all that good... But they sang my favorite song~ 3 Gatsu 9 Ka! The first bit was a BIT off tho, but then it was bearable. Then, currently one of the songs they played is sticking in my mind - Morning Musume's, dunno the title! Why? Cos it was sang by the guitarist of the band who was so super cute! Confession - He really made me happy, though I didn't even get to see his face upfront!

Haha, but then in my heart there's only one person (Quoted from MojoJojo). Haha.

Sometimes I wonder what jokes are for. To make others laugh or to hide my pain? Pretending to be brave or admitting to be cowardly? An attempt to brighten up the room or a failure to shun the gloominess inside me? But then, I still like to joke. When others laugh at it, somehow I wish for the laughter to reach me. I really wish for happiness.

Everything in this world exists in such a dilemma manner. While hoping to be one thing, we can't help thinking of the other alternative. I am so tired of thinking............of everything.

I just want something very simple.
I want my family to be around me always.
I want my friends to be happy and to be always by my side.
I want someone who will love me and bring sunshine into my life, thereafter.
I want to live in a little house filled with warmth and togetherness.
I want to be greeted by the smell of roses everyday.
I want to have someone I can trust and rely on.

Somehow, I am here in Australia, studying and going thru everyday repetitiously for a degree. I wonder if what I am doing now, at this moment, can lead me to any of my wishes.

I guess, in this complicated world, people will realize that their wishes are simple after all, in the end. For now, we are still blinded by .......the cowardice to be different.

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