Friday, May 19, 2006

Wendy's Birthday Bash~

After almost 15 hours outdoors, u can feel ur whole body totally exhausted. And every single cell in ur body refusing to shower.

Miss Wendy cooked so much nice dishes for this party and honestly, I really appreciate it! All the effort and attention to details! My favourite dishes among all? The FABULOUS cheese cake! The FAMOUS brownies! The MUCH-MISSED curry chicken! And yet again, my diet plan was foiled. But rest assured, Gym-Queen will repossess me tomorrow.

This is a pic of me, Wendy, Olie, Amy and Raymond! The other one is a group pic we tried so hard to squeeze in!

But I woke up today with a bad hair day and since the first moment I saw myself in the mirror, I already assumed today to be a BAD day for me. Having to wear a cap the whole day sounded like a pain to me. But then, yet again, unexpected things do happen. The cap actually brought me luck. And recalling what happened, it actually made me grin to myself on my way to lecture. But then, I still fell asleep in lecture!

And I officially have extraordinarily thin fingers! Today no one could fit into my ring! I hope this applied to my waist instead...... sigh. But then we took quite a lot of pictures tonight! I love taking pictures.

So much so that, pictures became a capture of a memory to me. Somehow, thinking of the fact that I would be leaving Australia and everything I have over here, pains me. While hoping to return to all that I love in Malaysia, I dread detaching from all that I just committed to in Australia. Thus, every single picture, resembling a memory, I hope for it to act as a bridge, connecting me forever with all that I had to let go in the form of a memory that will never fade.

On these cold nights, I really hope to have someone I can call a family here. Someone I can talk to endlessly. Someone who can offer me a hug to neutralize all my worries. Someone close to me, physically and emotionally. If he is really out there somewhere, I wonder what he is doing rite now?

Should one always believe in a dream when reality is passing by them?
A waste of time or investment in hopes?

Tomorrow gotta be early for Brandon Park again! Grocery shopping!

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