Sunday, May 28, 2006

So Close.

I was this close to doing it.

Unpredictably, the surge of courage really flushed inside of me, along with anticipation, fear and cowardice. But yet again, everything was disrupted by a phone call. And by the time, the call ended, it was already too late.

Is this fate and that I should accept it?
But if I accept everything as fate, is it rite for me to sit around doing nothing but wish?

Now, there's a sense of regret, but at the same time relief that I didn't do it.

But then, I promise myself that the next time he initiates a chat with me, I will do it.

Cause, hiding the feeling which I can't stop from growing inside me, is too tough.

I want an answer. I might be scared. I might get hurt.
But in the end, I will not regret.


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