Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To make a winter nite warm...

I just realised that to make a winter nite warm, u just need the presence of someone. Presence, doesnt have to be physically. Just need to feel it. I didnt complain about the cold the whole nite! Though, now I feel like complaining about my sore throat! It was fun.

To be able to talk to someone without holding back anything. This is one of the best things to do. Because of how nice this feels, it makes it all the while harder to do normally. To me, it requires a lot of trust and a great sense of security. I am glad to have found it without even being aware of it at the first place. But now that I found it, I also know that I must treasure it.

It is human nature to be afraid of the unknown, be indecisive, lack confidence, doubt ourselves and to have an inner critic. I used to have all these inside of me. Constantly worrying about this or that, all the time! But then, for some reasons, as time passed, I found myself being more and more different than the 'me' before. I cant say that I am braver, more decisive, have high confidence, is sure of myself always or so on. But one thing for sure it, I am able to shrug off worries more easily, to clear my mind of troubles and be happier for a change. And I am enjoying life this way!

Perhaps, we worry all the way just because we are so unsure of what is in store for us in the coming years or even days. But then again, I guess even if we worry, it is not like the future will change rite? Rather than that, I prefer to live the moment worry-free, and to the fullest, knowing that I am doing my best for a future I am yet to know. And for this, hopefully, I will have no regrets.

Sometimes, we must know how to reward ourselves. For me, I know this too well! Haha, which is not that good. After doing something good, always give yourself credit for it! For me, I chose to tell all my close frens and family when i lost 2 kgs! Shameless? But i felt great! Always acknowledge yourself, love yourself.

In this world where everything is constantly changing and uncertainty piles up upon us, we can only live the best we can with no regrets. Don't dwell too much in the past, don't get lost in your thoughts, don't be stuck in negativity, don't hesitate to try, don't doubt yourself, don't stop believing in yourself. For all these, will bring miracles to life.

When i say that you are great for who you are, i really mean it.
Everything is true, ever so true.
I hope this moment lasts forever.

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