Sunday, July 2, 2006

:::Sweet Potato:::

This morning my whole body was aching! Probably because of the amount of time I spent in the rain and in my boots yesterday. So despite knowing I had to wake up early this morning, I snoozed on for another hour before finally making my sleepy head clear!

Finally I got to meet Olivia~ Really lack of her after so many days! N as always, we talked a lot, mainly about stuff which can be classified into Group 8. It was fun but the best part was when she said she liked the special sweet potato I made! Made my day!

Despite the day being just another typical one, having a friend over, spending time together, crapping, joking and simple do nothing with, is so much fun! Although it is a bit cold today, but then my room is always warm, making it such a nice place to spend time with my friends!

Suddenly i am so into cooking. Or should i say, eating?
Let's rephrase that.
I have always been into eating.

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