Sunday, October 8, 2006

Weekend Report 1

Truly, I had a very whimsical and hyper weekend, so much so that, I need time to reflect on what I have done for these few days.


It was mentioned at around 1 a.m. A total overhaul of the original Mid Autumn Fest celebration plan, had me and WenJi scratching our heads. As always, given Melbourne's oh-so-very-cute-and-lovable transportation system, we could again go no further than Zone 2 for dinner! And not forgetting the contribution of Monash's darlingly-adorable assignments dates, everyone.

Then there were the frustrating moments in planning which fuelled to the merge of giving up on arranging a group celebration! The no. 1 frustration? This infamous quote from a certain someone who I will see tmr - "Why don't we eat in Wah Kee?" The reply? The exact same look of horror on me and WenJi's faces.

All of a sudden, it was decided. A BBQ and SteamBoat session for a party of 10 and above at Normanby. And the project initiator, manager, etc was me and WenJi. Excited, eager, charged with energy, tralalala~ Off to ask for college head's permission at 8 am (Given WenJi, this is a truly big achievement). Upon a nod, we shot off to Springvalle!

Swept everything! One highlight point: I got an extra of $7 change from one of the shops! Sampled gree tea mooncakes! Next stop, Clayton! Grabbed all the remaining stuffs and sped home to prepare!

Well........we wanted to speed home, but then, then, then! We were like carrying boulders in our shopping bags! WenJi had to stop a few times on the way from Rusden to Normanby. Please give your praisings now. This is a crucial moment for appreciation from you guys. Thank you. Haha. Haha. Hahaha!

As soon as we arrived home, WenJi and I started preparing the stuff. What ensued was loads of chopping, cutting, slicing, marinating, arranging, tasting, crapping and commiting stupid blunders! Then along came Amy, what she did? Talking, talking, talking, talking until we came to another highlight of the day! Below is the whole transcription of what happened.

Amy: Oh this! Thai people use this to make salad a. Very very yum. A bit spicy one rite?
Me: Oh, really a?
After a whole 10 minutes of conversation,....
Amy: Papaya, rite?
Me: ................................Pumpkin.

I just love being around Amy. Hehe! Then came the other guys and out went the food, and in they go into our stomachs! Here is the list of food, BBQ the Malaysian way!

1) Fish with sambal and lime juice.
2) Chicken wings.
3) Chicken skewer with capsicums in teriyaki sauce.
4) Sweet potato.
5) Potato with cheese, butter and pepper.
6) Squid (I was the founder of this!)
7) Sausages in BBQ sauce.
8) Pumpkin (amy......)
9) Lamb and beef steaks and slices
10) Vegetables
11) Octopus, Lobster, Cuttle Balls
12) Fish Tofu and nugget
13) Dumpling (I made them!)
14) Loads of mushrooms!
15) Udon (Siew Chin's subject of experiment...)
16) Prawns

By the end of the nite, we had mooncakes! A total of 8 mooncakes were eaten! The flavours were: Red Bean, Lotus, White Lotus, Green Tea, Taro, 3 Ice Cream Mooncakes (Lychee, Mango, Honey Dew)! We almost even snatched Wei Pinn's box to eat....

All in all it was a very very enjoyable day! Could not feel my body at the end of the day, but definitely think it was worth it! Cant wait for the next one!


Woke up kinda early the next morning, and went to Brandon Park! Hm, Brandon Park is nothing special and I do the same thing there pretty much everytime. But then again, like I always say, the place is not important. The company is.

Then there was the assignment trip we made to Hargrave, me, Ray and WenJi. Supposingly dull and frustrating, but then I finished my Poster and mingled around a bit. Again, company matters, location not.

After that we hit the roads of the campus, jogged together, the three of us around campus! Felt worked out and hyper, er.... not really hyper actually! Exhausted! ........and lazy. It was just a round of the campus, nothign special. But again! Again! Not the place, it is the company.

All the small things in life, no matter how repetitious, how common, how simple, how short they are, as long as it is endured together with the right people, will leave a significant mark in your memory. And that's why I said, "Today was fun!" Because, it really was.

Saturday was a simple day of happiness and warmth with all my closest ones here in Melbourne.


Woke up to a rainy Sunday morning at 8 am. Woke up to a sunny Sunday morning at 9 am.
Weather's crazy here in Melbourne. Went to the city and tried looking for the Blue Spirit store to redeem the vouceher I got from MUMSU Ball, but after numerous searches, we found the close was still closed. While we were searching, Amy missed her train and came later, by the way.

Proceeded straight to Lygon for our Pizza Meal! All you can eat for $ 13 per head. Ate a big pizza, 2 big pastas, 2 jugs of Coke, a garden salad. 80% to death. Then went to Freddo for Gelato! I had mango and toblerone! It was amazing. By the time I finished the whole thing, 90% to death. Motion sickness on the tram, 99% to death. Arrival at St. Kilda Market, revival (!), 20% to death! Left market by tram to Glenferry to pass WenJi's old schoolmate something. Tram journey, 98% death.

Walked around Glenferry. Got lost for around 15 minutes. Read the map. Confused by the map. But then I was the one who found out how to return to our dear-old-Clayton, amidst the murderously cold weather! As I have always tried to prove to my mum, RPG helps in every aspects of our daily lives.

Swayed back in the tram again, 99% death. Finally back to Normanby, took a LONG shower and finished up another Poster! After a long day, finally a nice little small chat with a certain someone who did not contact me the whole day, who I will not think of so often again. Wrapped up my day with this sweet little ending. Gonna sleep now!

What sweet little ending? Here's a teaser - I might just accept Olivia. Ta-da!

Random statements:
1) Determinated to gam fei for sure!
2) AGM got pizza!
3) "Stop being so aunty!" - by WenJi
4) Wanna Fisherman Horizon.
5) No more Pasta or Pizza. Wil really vomit.
6) Wanna eat more mooncake. Anyone can donate some?

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