Saturday, December 30, 2006


I dun understand why but whenever this topic comes up I get so stuffed up that I can't control the darkness of my mood, and the obviousness of it on my face.

I hate being looked at as a child. And a helpless one.

Is it because of the significance of my birthdate or is it because of the coincidence of me being the youngest one among several circles of friends? So, no matter what I do, where I go, or...whatever, I am still not taken seriously. Cos I'm just too young.

But hitting 20, isn't it about time that people take me as an adult?
Or at least half the adult I am?

Not that I am self-proclaiming my maturity but there are things in life which I must endure in order to learn. Let's take driving for instance. Hello~ my license's been a decor for AGES! Pushing aroung, puny excuses, empty promises. I hate all these. If you dun wanna let me drive then just say it. Cut out all the crap. I have had enough.

I hate this feeling but then again, I cant control it no more.

Achievement wise, is everything really due to luck cos I am too young to have really any real achievements. There are just so many things I dun understand in this world and getting to where i am rite now is all just a beautiful, beautiful coincidence. Or so they say.

I used to lo9ve being blessed with a hint of luck every now and then. Now, I just hate the fact that everyone seems to be taking a piece out of me for it. I hate being young.

One thing I realized I mind very much. Ever since returning here - to be underestimated.

I am gonna prove others wrong. But for now, I am just so sad to know that I am struggling with this fact on my birthday. Somehow I jus couldnt bring myself to be happy rite now.

Dun feel like talking.
Dun feel like listening.
Dun feel like looking.
Just wanna FF12 and kill a few wolves.

I hate this.

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