Friday, December 29, 2006

Feeling Happy~

The greatest feeling of all is knowing that someone likes something you did for them. It can be said as an achievement, a little something to be proud of, nah. It's just the gladness that fills you up. How to release this overwhelming feeling? Grin from ear to ear.

In less than 48 hours, I'll be officially 20. I actually have a BIG 2 in front of my age! Sometimes I wonder along the way, all these 20 years, what have I done? Meeting up with some of my ex secondary classmates just now made me realize that a lot of people actually have waled in and out of my life. Some leaving never fading memories. Some just mere shadows lurking around my heart.

I really miss those who I can never meet again. My dearest uncle, who everyone reckons loved me the most. Still remember his voice, his actions, his funny behaviours, his humour, his roughness. When someone means this much to you, I guess forgetting is just not a thing to happen.

Now I dread leaving those whom I will find hard to meet in the near future. After sharing all those time together, going through all sorts of sticky situations, sharing all ups and downs, seing each others' faces practically everyday, all kinds of encouragement, faith and warmth expressed along the way, it is just so hard to let go. Not that I mean letting go in a sort of never-gonna-meet-again-sorta-way, but just it becomes so hard to meet. Much harder to hold back the feeling inside. But I;'m gonna be 20, not a kid anymore. There are times when sacrifices have to be made and to be selfless.

There are so many people who I wish to have around me all the time. And then there are those special ones whom you wish to be by your side at all times.

Finally, those who left without a mark in my life. Cruel but these people's lives became stories, rumours, gossips and so on in my life. Some classmates, some friends, some distant relatives. I wonder where they are now and whether they think of me from time to time. But again, why would they?

But as a 20 year old, I am thankful enough to have everything I have now. A happy and loving family with a crazy sister whom I get annoyed with often. A tight circle of old friends who I can rely on and remain unchanged by time. The sisters I met in Melbourne who made me feel at home in a foreign world while teaching me so much more about life, fun and friendship. It is really special when people from such different backgrounds can surpass all these barriers. To be able to find a very special someone, ..........I get speechless when it comes to him.

I can say that, I'm just happy. I'm happy!

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