Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wander Wander Wander

Sometimes I wonder where my life is heading. Acting all the time as if I know what is meant for me, what is to happen, what is to expect. Acting needs strength. Being stronf drains your energy. And before you know it, your inside feels emptier than ever.

Despite all the noise from the TV which approaches annoyance, the typing noise from the room beside, the dogs barking outside. Why do I feel like there's nothing around me?

MAybe it's because my aunt and my Teddy left jus now. All the bustling noises and chaotic mornings are now gone and will be missed. Maybe it's cos I feel sleepy but then dread to sleep? Can things be less complicated in my head?

I really want something to look forward to everyday. And to know that I am working towards the right direction in my life. I hate the fact that I doubt so much about everything I am now. I hate the fact that I don;t know anything.

So much stuff in this world I don't know. I wonder if I'll ever find the answer. I wonder if I'll regret anything I did some time in the future. I wonder why I wonder so much! Ergh...again! Endless circles of tots!

Reciprocation is such a funny thing. While trying hard not to show that you care, there is no denying the longing inside you. If only people can be more honest in everything. Won;t this world be much more simpler? I wish I could be honest jus now. Guess I'm still too proud to show my weak side. Honestly, there's not one person so far whom I can really show my weak side to. Do I wanna meet this person or do I not? Another question...

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