Thursday, December 17, 2009

This world I am in

I just came back from the movie AVATAR and now I want to be a Na'vi (the blue aliens on planet Pandora).

Like most of you know, I have a thing for:

~ beautiful, out-of-this-world (literally) mythical landscape like Macalania in Final Fantasy X. (Vid 1)
~ monsters and fairies as friends like Moogles, Chocobos, Chopper!
~ stories about bonds and trust so strong that it overtook a doomed situation, like the countless tear-jerking victories in One Piece.(Vid 2)
~ heroism not in the form of muscles only but faith in friends and belief in oneself, oh and maybe magic powers and crazy skill, like Lionheart, anyone?(Vid 3)

Again, like most of you know, I can get really into the 'world':

~ Almost at the end of Crisis Core, I did not want to finish it up for I know Zack will . . . and then Aerith will. . . . and Cloud will. . . . (Vid 4)
~ I get the urge to take up sword-fighting everytime I watch the Kenshin OVAs.
~ I went out of the cinema just now telling Ray to walk further away cause I hated humans and claimed myself to be a Na'vi.

There was this phrase which Jack Sully (the lead character in Avatar) said which went along the line of, "It is like I wake up from that dream into reality but after a while, I don't know which is the reality for me anymore".

Funny enough, without the hi-tech machines or any enabling technologies right now, I can relate to what he is talking about.

Maybe I am a bit of a cuckoo or just too imaginative. In simple terms, maybe my head is always just up there in the clouds where castles are built on clouds.

Some morning I wake up feeling like laughing the whole day and calling up my nakama (Luffy-Day).

Some nights I turn up my music and sing like I am onstage with 200000 screaming fans below me (Teru Day).

Sometimes before I fall asleep, I imagine being swooped off the ground and hearing words of confession (of love) (Peter Petrelli Day).

Some showers sessions, I imagine myself being revived by the running water much like the scene in Macalania (Tidus & Yuna Day).

The latest example?

That very last 39C day (hot day), I bought the brightest coloured chilled juice from Coles Express and halfway through drinking it, I realised - hey, this is like drinking potion!*Ding* (Final Fantasy Day)

Ahh, I love this brain of mine.

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meng said...

Meng likes this. *thumbs up*

hikari* said...

Haha, seems like we are both aliens in our own worlds.

mantshun said...

Hey how come there is no Sora or Roxas in this??.. :0

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