Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is love?

"Wow you two have been together for four years already?"

Honestly, what is there to 'wow' about?

From my humble perspective, the length of a relationship does not signify anything at all. If only length means good. Which creates another question, what is 'good' when it comes to relationships?

No arguments or fights?
No conflict in interest?
No external issues like finance?

Hardly. Both in terms of it ever happening or ever leading to a healthy relationship.

If there is one thing I can be certain about relationships, that will be it is highly 'uncertain'.

One happy moment can turn into a sour spat in a few minutes and the issue can be as small as who eats the cupcake first. One fine day can turn into a nightmare and end a 10-year relationship.

Even if your love is strong, there are a million other factors out of your control that can break you up. In this materialistic and overly-realistic day and age, we want everything. Money, freedom, technology, social status, material, luxury - can you really live on just 'true love'?

To be more extreme, what does marriage signify? Can a mere piece of certificate or ceremony, really warrant a happy ending? You can still wake up one day to find yourself out of love.

But I don't want to let relationships equate to 'uncertainty'.

It indirectly means that I am either waiting for my relationship to end or waiting for someone to marry me (and then continue on to wait for either a divorce?). I don't want it to mean this at all. For it means that I am forever waiting for an answer, something certain to happen and thus, miss the process of being in a relationship.

Isn't all we want just a person to laugh with, cry with and live life with?
Isnt't all we need just a person to laugh with, cry with and live life with?

In a realistic sense, I would say no, that is not enough.
In my personal opinion, I would like to believe in yes, that alone is enough.

We like to use some sort of parameter to measure the quality/quantity of things. But this is not a kilogram of sugar or 3 baby elephants. It is the dynamic or chemistry resulted from the emotional and physical journey of two different people. Tell me how do you measure that?

Definitely not in years on relationship, that is just too naive and lazy.

So tell me, what says a good relationship to you?

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Jean said...

I'm at similar self-contradictory situation... kinda bad isn't it? not being able to explain in words after so long in a relationship! miss you by the way. miss my days in melb when I was living in freedom and harmony despite being in a long distance relationship. xxx

hikari* said...

Missing you here as well. It has been quiet since you left :-(

I still can't quite figure out how this thing called love works. I guess we can just hope for the best while we follow our feelings? But hang in there! I'm sure things will take a turn for the better!

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