Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Cheer All The Way

The Xmas mood started early for us this year. Two weeks before Christmas, we went on a road trip to Mornington Peninsula for cherry picking. Cherries are great additions to desserts and the kinda look like mistletoes.

All I want for Christmas is a mistletoe above me and Peter Petrelli.

On the way, we visited the Santa's Place. It is a packed little place filled with all sorts of decorations for Christmas. From huge artifical Christmas trees to Christmas Town models to baubles of all sorts to life sized Santa Claus figures!

There is also a small cafe overlooking a small plantation of young Christmas trees. Well, to someone like me who has always seen Christmas tree in white/snowy settings (from children books and gossip magazines haha, did you really think that all my previous Christmases were in the States or something?), it was pretty NEW to see small Christmas trees among the dry grassy lands.

Mel was definitely in a festive mood - well too ahead of time perhaps!
It was a pretty hot day so yeah, there were flies. And the picture below, the biggest flies of the day.
We went to the Red Hill Cherry Farm. I love going to orchards and picking my own fruits! What more when you can eat while you pick muahaha. I remember the last time I went to Beerenberg Strawberry Farm in Adelaide, we ate so much strawberries while picking that the strawberries we ended up paying for were . . . erm given away as 'gifts' because we were too jelak. Blergh.
Some of us worked hard for our loot. The shorter one ones aimed for the lower ones.
The week before Christmas, we organised a Christmas dinner at home (we will be moving out of Marshall soon *sniff*). It was an intimate dinner where all 10 guests exchanged presents. In total we had 90 presents! The reason it was so early is because Amy and Wenji would be leaving soon for Christmas holidays!
We had roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, legs of ham, roasted vegetables and Christmas pudding to name a few. We even hid rings, buttons and silver coins in the pudding. You know, when rings symbolise good luck in love or marriage while buttons symbolise good luck and silver coins symbolise wealth?
I got a silver coin! Ray got a button! Daniel for the ring hohoho.
The best part of the whole night was opening up all the presents together! The whole living room was filled with wrapping paper of all colours. I also realised that Amy and I are the fastes or maybe most impatient gift receiver. We were done opening up and examining all our presents while Yiki was just on her third gift.
Before we left, we gave John a surprise birthday party. Hmm who else's birthday is coming up??
Last night, we had another Christmas party at Daniel, Yiki and Sam's place. A tradition of these three little Christmas lovers! Look at the Christmas decorations! Yiki even got that reindeer!
The presents below were Kris Kringle gifts!

The theme of the party was Jolly White, hence all guests were decked out in perfect whiteness.

Me and Santa.

I think Yiki received this cupcake stand from one of us during the Christmas dinner at our place. Nice!

Someone-I-forgot-who: Are you bringing Shiro along?
Me: Nah, I don't think so.
Someone-I-forgot-who: But it is a Jolly White Party!

Heavyweight champion of the night.

You know what I love most?
Giving and receiving presents! Year end is the jolliest time for me. Christmas and then birthday (31 Dec *disregard the year* for those who are unaware) (And no, I am so not rubbing it in) (Nor am I reminding) (Nor hinting).

Here are the presents I received:

Tamagotchi! My absolute favourite! I used to collect electronic pets - Dog, Cat, Digimons, Human, Mermaid, Penguin, Angel! Haven't grown out of the phase yet!

This little hat, is it a bit too cutesy-wutsy for me?

I love Mimco but always it is a bit too expensive for me. But I lurve this.

How sweet is this?

Another cutesy stuff for me, I love dogs!

I have been going bracelet and hair accesories crazy lately.

Didn't I just mention hair accessories! Santa heard me! Or Mel did hehe!

When I asked him what he got me, he answered "something small but nice". I was thinking of something along the lines of a diamond ring.

Oh and facial masks - what is he trying to say?!
I also got hair spray and clay from WooHsian but I am already using it haha so no pictures!

My favourite - skincare!

I got this as my Kris Kringle present. Hmmm :-(
I know it was meant to be a prank but it was kinda disheartening at first. Kinda rubbed off my mood for a while there. After all, I love choosing gfts and really put in effort whenever it comes to buying something for others. So it was a bit blah when I got this.
But good humour with the Chanel there! And lotsa toilet rolls for my old house. But definitely not something I would pull on another person. Le sigh.
Oh and birthday update! (Again, I am not rubbing it in) (Nor hinting) (Nor reminding) (Why do I have explain myself all the time!)
I received my first birthday gift from WenJi!
You know what I love to do every birthday? I love gathering all my birthday gifts and open everything up altogether on that day itself! Am I a kid or what!
With all the Christmas presents and Birthday presents rolling in lately (The Japanese Restaurant Zen even gave us a present when we had dinner there), it seems like it is a trend to give Loretta presents!
So jump on the bandwagon if you want to become popular or cool!

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