Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alice Springs 2

And like I said, the road trip was drama-filled!

This is the first one.

A ROCK flew from the tyre of the car in front of us and chipped the window!

Our next destination was Ormiston Gorge. Greeted by a colourful little birdie before we stepped in for our brief walk.

Ormiston Gorge is just like a waterhole. A really easy and serene walk all the way to the waterhole, decorated with walls of red rocks.

Iced coffee milk under the sunlight mmm mmm.

A well poised ballerina pose obvious to those skilled in the art.

One of the inhabitants of this SERENE gorge. I thank the stars a million times for not arranging a meeting between us.

One of the most impressive element in Central Australia is - the very clear and blue skies. I tried taking a picture of just the sky, but it was just so blue and nothing at all that - it looked more like a corrupted image!
So I included the tips of some trees.

Back in our sweet drive, the real off-road adventure began! A long stretch of unsealed road with really really beautiful sights along the way.
Duning-duning hills (I came up with the name - doesn't it oh~so~fit?)
And a loooooooooooooong stretch of Duning-Duning Hills (more-the-fitting!).

Drama number 2. We were caught off-guard by a deep DIP in the road. So, the car went in and then came up FLYING. I swear, everything seemed to be happening in slow-mo for what must have been less than 2 seconds. The coins in the coin compartment came flying up and landing down without a single one spilling out! My unzipped bag at the backseat flew open!
Please be happy with me for the fact that I am still safe and sane right now.

A few unique encounters along the way!
Patty melons! They can be found growing along the sides of the roads all around Central Australia. Apparently only one kind of bird feasts on them. The bird is. . . . .for some reasons, not in my memory.

And so the journey continues. The unsealed road were gonna end anytime soon.

Tree only found in Central Australia!

Suddenly we saw this in front of us!

Wild horses! It is so refreshing to see horses outside of farms, with nature.

Oh and the unsealed roads really were supposed to end anytime soon. . . after the very 2 hours we travelled on it already. . .

I mean, really. After 3 hours of violent rocking and vibrating, fuuuuu.

A view from the top. Then we finally reached modern roads!!!!

Only to see this. . . . again.

A sign that we were really close to our destination: Kings Canyon the monster we were gonna conquer the following day!

Having done with all the extreme driving, we decided to do something more relaxing, closer to nature - camel riding at Creeks Canyon!

This reminds me of our horse riding earlier this year. Since I survived trotting on the horse, I was pretty confident with a camel ride.

And then the guide told Prof. Tan, "Take the backseat, it is much more comfortable especially for a guy". Woopsie.

The camel behind me, Doctor Heather (cute name!), loves being close to my back. I could feel her breath all the way.

Again on the way, we met with some horses - which belonged to the farm this time~ but still nature rules!

Riding on a camel is quite different from a horse - they are slower, they pace themselves, they behave well, they have to be led by a guide, they are quiet - only much more bumpier and taxing on certain body parts.

And now I know why the Camel in Alubarna in One Piece is called Eyelash! Check out how volumised, curled up and shiny camel eyelashes are! I wannnntttttttt.

Then we got to feed camels. Lalat feeding camel.

Evening in Central Australia is truly amazing. Check out the colour contrast of the sky between what was in front and behind us.

Ahh sunset. My favourite part of the day as it also means dinner and REST.

A hearty camel patty burger for two hungry souls.

Next up: Conquering Kings Canyon and meeting ULURU~

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