Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alice Springs 4

You know how I have been emo for a few days, well maybe you can't tell since I hid it so well :P

Okay back to the Alice Springs adventure where we left off at the climax of Uluru.

Everyone tells me that sunrise and sunset at Uluru are experiences you can never miss in Australia. They tell of the extraordinary colours of the sky, the impressive sun and the magical way Uluru changes in appearance under different sunlight.

We got into our car and drove to Uluru at 5.30 a.m. READ THAT CAREFULLY. 5.30 A.M.

We reached the sunrise viewing point in 30 minutes. How did we get there? We just tailed the tourbuses!

#1 The striking yellow

#2 Uluru waiting for the sun

#3 Uluru as the sun peeked out

#4 The yellow turning into a blazing red

#5 The red taking over the yellow

#6 I was mesmerized by the redness of the sky

#7 I loved the changing colours of the clouds although it was apparently a bit too cloudy for the ultimate sunrise view

#8 The clouds turning red, one after another

#9 Sadly, the clouds really did block the sun. Before we knew it, the sky was brightly lit :)

#10 The sun can only be partially seen :( but beautiful nonetheless

#11 Uluru brightly lit

Next on our itinerary, what else? Another exciting walk/hike - The Valley of the Winds. I felt so happy upon hearing the name of this place. I felt like Pocahontas, man.

I was totally wrapped up, in anticipation of the 'Wind' part of the valley. This coat is one purchase I never regretted once from Tokyo. LOVE max.

As we were about to start the hike I got all excited because I finally saw one of the things on my 'List of things to see in Central Australia'!

LIZARD! (Albeit a dead one :<)

Other things on the list - kangaroos, emus, camel meat, red rocks and sand.

#12 Ray overlooking the . . . .rocks.

#13 The amazingly huge gorges which the hiking trail circles

#14 Like I mentioned before, I find creeks amidst sand and rock, really serene

#15 How can such greens survive so well here?

#15 I love this picture :)

#16 What you can expect to walk on

#17 I especially loved this part of the trail with the giant rocks and soft grass

#18 Not so soft when you are wearing shorts (ah eeh ah)

#19 Another mini waterhole

#20 Isn't this beautiful?

#21 "This looks like sakura - weeping sakura, to be precise - in Osaka?", I said. And he gave me the 'sweat' look

#22 I haven't even stopped myself from slipping down the rocks and he snapped the picture already! - Talk about patience!

#23 Gorges soooooooooooooo high up...

#24 "This looks like something out of Jurassic Park!" I said. And he gave me a 'sweat' look. Doesn't he have another look? Cher!
#25 See the hike was so easy I yawned - on camera.

#26 We walked using these blue little arrows for direction. Sometimes when it points upwards, you really wonder what you have to climb . . .

#26 My weeping sakura moment.

#28 After 3 days in Central Australia, I learnt the art of finding my way by following the trail of kangaroo poo

#27 I loved this picture very much.

#28 Full view of the gorges :)

#29 I want to be on top of the world!

As we approached our car we spotted a dingo all alone! Another thing to see to scratch out of my list! Dingoes usually travel in packs, so it was a surprise to see a dingo alone and so near to our car! I thank the million stars above again!!!

Then there was actually another surprise in store for me from the stars! Wild camels! OMG, I felt so lucky that day that thinking back I could cry :P

Next up: ULURU.

See, big mou?

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