Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taipei #2

Second day of Taiwan saw my Sister and I waking up early to conquer the next convenience store within 100 metres away while my Yima and Mum were glued to the TV.

Please don't mind the scarf, it was not cold at all :P

My sis meeting her one true love . . . on potato chips.

The first FOOD stop was KFC. All because we know they serve egg tarts there - KFC egg tarts. They were heavenly. I particularly loved the caramel ones - it was ooey-gooey yumminess!

One little shop I really adored was Sophisca. From the linnocent looking sheep to the naughty-naughty goods they offer inside.

Soft marshmallow boobssssss.

Message chocolates - build you own personal message using chocolates:)

Anyone need pads?

Plaster-shaped chocolates. And someone asked me if they were actually chocolate-flavoured plasters - funny! Why would you need plasters with flavours?!

Being women, we contribute to the economy of all industries!

Oh and who could forget the star product . . . . . Condom-shaped chocolates - not the other way around!

Onto the second FOOD stop, the almight Mister Donut. Don't let its cute little face fool you, this donut is packed with deliciousness!

The vast selection of sweet looking donuts really makes one drool...

What is so special about Mister Donut is, the donuts are mochi-mochi/chewy and they are not at all sweet. Packed with flavour but not overbearingly sweet. That was what gave me the motivation to pack a bunch back to Malaysia (an operation which failed to materialise and for which I regret till today).
And then Operation Show Luo began. Sister was adamant about going to Luo Zhi Xiang/ Xiao Zhu's shop after their fateful meeting on the cover of potato chips in the morning. Unfortunately the address I had was an old one. My sister was too Chinese-incapable to ask for directions and same case for me sigh.
So we sent two middle-aged aunties to do the asking. Which they subsequently admitted to being a bit embarassing for being seen as 50+ year old fans of a 'Little Pig'. Muaha.

But hey, we got to the shop and that's all that matters, right?

Third FOOD stop by 12 pm only. . . the Modern Toilet restaurant.

Being extremely loyal to their theme, the furnishing, menu and food portray everything and anything out of a toilet.
The menu excited Mum a lot, but not so much for those of us who can't read Chinese :(
I must say the food was not amazing, just passable. But you must give credit to their creativity and portion size.

To be finished off with a pile of fresh sundae mmmm-mmmm.

Not a food experience but a genuinely fun experience not to be missed.
Are you thinking the day ended here? You are wrong. I just had to split this very day into two posts because . . . we proceeded to the Hwaxi Night Market and there are too many food pictures!

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