Thursday, February 17, 2011

Taipei #2.1

This is a continuation of our Day 2 in Taipei. There is a need to break this day into two posts because the latter consists of us going to Hwaxi Night Market. So that means many pictures of food - the good, the bad and the strange!

Hwaxi Night Market is located just walking distance away from the Long Shan Temple and Long Sharn MRT Station. We decided to start with this night market and not the more popular Shihlin Night Market since it was just a station away from XiMen, where we stayed.

Long Shan Temple, meaning Dragon Hill Temple, is a really lively place even at night. I was very appreciative of the merriness over there and the temple was quite a sight. I have never been to a temple at night, so that adds to the fascination.

The lively crowd.

But we were too anxious to get our tummies filled and the sight of the lights from Hwaxi was too tempting for these hungry souls.
Hwaxi is literally a street filled with stalls selling all kinds of food. It was like a wondrous world of food. Everything made us either go "Oooooh!", "Wahhhh!", "Eeeeehhhh?", or "Yerrrrr!!!!".

I loved this jelly+mochi mutant thing. It was bouncy but also slippery. . . okay not a good way to sell it :-/

Skewers seem to be really popular over there. But they are not just chicken or pork or fishballs, you see. Try hearts, livers, feet, ears . . . .of very different creatures.

Of course, not for the faint hearted like me. Look, my sister's face is GLOWING!

This stall, you choose what you want, then they just chop them up for you. And frankly, I can't tell half of what they have on display!

Just the duck head, I could tell.

My verdict: Not brave enough.

Dogs in Taiwan are unbelievable. I have never seen a dog on leash before and that was on a busy street. The dogs would just follow their owners! I should have gotten a Taiwanese Spitz. Seen here, little doggies traveling in a plastic bag :)

Stinky tofu in Taiwan is not stinky enough - that's what I thought as one who doesn't like them. Stinky tofu is not strong enough in flavour - that's what my sis thought as one serious devotee to them. But they do look really tasty.

I wanted to buy these back cause they smelled sooooo good!

I loved fruits in Taiwan. They always look so huge and juicy! And not in an artificial way :)

The red ones (don't know what they are called) were seriously sweet and we ended up buying more from another place the day after!

This is called, Wok Fried Bun (I think?), which according to reliable sources are a must-try in Taiwan. What I think of it? Don't know. I didn't get a bite at all - the others gobbled it up too quickly......

Look at those sausages! Like a bunch of bananas!

You even see game arcades :)

I am an avid fan of Takoyaki so I could not resist standing in line for this. But it was a bit disappointing. Guess I'll just have to save up for Takoyaki Museum in Osaka!

Avocado milk shake was the bomb.

Again, more skewers!

And if you look closer, they are not things you are familiar with.

I loved wild boar sausages. It was a novelty when I first found it. But a staple towards the next few days :)

I forgot what this is. But I love the sight of something boiling, especially huge chunks of meat.

I was so fascinated by this gold fish game! Why? Cause I used to see it only in Sailormoon! It is actually existent!

Huge amounts of pickles. My dad would have been too happy if he saw this!

You know what?
I really loved my avocado milk shake - so it deserves another picture.
I still have trouble figuring this out - are those squids or pig ears? They look too much like what I give to Shiro!

Roasted peanuts :)

One of the highlights of my trip. I definitely recommend Hwaxi Night Market to people who are into street eats and exotic food.

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Mel said...

i'm a sailormoon fan too! :P i'm definately heading to the hwaxi night market if i'm going to taiwan. :)

melsie said...

OMG is there more posts on this? VEry informative ahaha! keep on going! love it

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