Saturday, September 23, 2006

End of a Hectic Week

Last week was a very hectic one. So hectic that all my assignments and activities had to slotted in between all in order to complete them all! It was a tiring experience for sure, but nevertheless a rewarding and satisfying one.

So what did I do last week? Obviously the highlight was MUMSU Ball 2006. It was a real stressful week for us committee seriously, making sure everything went rite, arranging things our of a sea of mess, striving to meet the expectations and most of all to create a nite worthy to all who are attending.

Stress is an evil thing. It can ride up into ur mind and play dirty games inside, making your days havoc and mood terrible. But I am still learning how to laugh it away~

During that nite, things didn't really go as planned honestly. Add to it, the awful traffic jam, untimely raining session and other small unexpected unpleasant 'surprises'. What did we get? STRESS.

But then, once you see the familiar faces greeting you, the familiar voices teasing you, all the negativities just began to fade off gradually. It was such a nice picture. Seeing all your frens in their best attire, acting posh while still talking rubbish, taking pictures in stupid poses, laughing at each others' attempts to act cool, picking small fights and so on. IT was busy and frsutrating at times, but then when I think of these happy moments, seriously nothing measures up.

Top moments of the night:
1) Getting made up and ready with my besties!
2) The food was nice! Loved the salmon esp the potato part! Loved the tiramisu and the chocolate platter!
3) Watching Siew Chin sing and then Gary's table screaming, "Siew Chin I love you" in the end!
4) Public teasing of Amy, Siew Chin, Jing Wen, Meng Sang and Chun Ming during the King & Queen session!
5) Jing Wen's sword dance and catwalk.
6) Surprising Woody with a bday cake!
7) Everyone telling 'YUM SING'~!
8) A parody of stupid pictures!
9) Feasting my eyes while looking for the KING~~!
10) Countless random jokes~!

Also, Mr Lai Jing Wen won the MUMSU Ball King title! And he better keep his prize nicely~ I really hope I didn;t mess up the King & Queen part! Ray did well while I stoned there. Seriously, like I said, I am not a PERFORMER. Not onstage definitely!

Wendy and Ben did a good job tho! It really is not easy performing! Everyone on my table won something (almost!) and I didn;t! Wenji won a $200 Famous Amos hamper! Is that a blast or what? I am definitely gonna nick some from her!

All in all it was a fun nite! Too bad to those who couldn't make it. Believe me, ask everyone and they would agree how worth it was!

So the break is here! I slept till 1 pm just now. Was seriously exhausted last nite! So this coming break, I wanna:

1) Karaoke!
2) HAve a small BBQ!
3) Play piano!
4) Eat chocolate cakes!
5) Study!
6) Yum Cha!
7) Sing loads!
8) Spend time with my dear, ya!
9) Loads more!
10) Sleep!

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