Thursday, September 10, 2009

A slow sunday for me

Last Sunday I finally had the chance for some me-time. A time especially for me to do whatever I want to. So I decided to bake a cake to surprise Ray. It was hardly a surprise really, as he saw me buy the ingredients and caught me still mixing the frosting when he came back from church (The online recipe stated preparation time as 45 minutes, total fraud - I spent 2 hours+)

Shiro came home to keep me company (and busy by going pee-crazy) while I baked my cake.

It was like having a mini heater, a furry animated one. While we waited for the cake to bake, I took a few pictures with Shiro using the camera timer and only one turned out decent.

I tried my hand for the first time at cake decorating and discovered a burning interest (gonna be a passion in 3 minutes time haha) in this field. It was so much fun! I have always loved cooking so what more, cooking-beautifying? This is my first invention of art ahem.
Lemon cake with frosting.

A chocolate chip heart filled with custard.

Fill the heart with red raspberries!

What did I name this cake? 'Bleeding Love'.


See T.T The custard was too fluid/ too thick to hold the raspberries in place T.T Proving more is not always better T.T

So I scraped this as a surprise for Ray. More like a shock. But everyone said the combination of taste (lemon+custard+raspberries) rocked.

In an attempt to make Shiro more accustomed to other dogs and start behaving more like a dog, we asked Daniel to bring his Ngeu Ngeu over. Ngeu Ngeu (Cow Cow in cantonese) is named likewise due to the patches of black on her resembling a cow. And true to her name, according to Daniel, she is strong like a cow. Woo.

No more being laughed at for being timid or attacking like a cat (Shiro lifts his left paw whenever he feels scared of an approaching animal, you say cat or not?!), or MEOW-ed at, Shiro!

Below is the chain of events that happened when Shiro woke up from his nap to see Ngeu Ngeu in front of him.

Oh, meow.
I think Shiro really looks like a cat sometimes. . .

We have been so busy ever since Shiro came with his amazing pee-poos and cuteness, of course, that we have not taken a proper picture with Shiro before. So we decided to loads starting from then on.

1st try:

Me (while maintaining smile): He's licking my teeth.... He's licking my teeth.... Iyaaaaaa!!

2nd Try:
Me: Shiro up here...up here...
Ray: Shiro look camera, camera!

3rd Try:
Ray: Don't worry, I'll make him look at the camera this time, I promise it will be a good shot!

Good try =.="

Sorry to disappoint if it seemed like a boring day to you. I guess my life is just not so exciting. Obasan here likes queit me-time *cough cough*.

To interrupt the lazy slow flow of this post here, let me show you this picture! With Ray's brown jacket and my short hair I feel so boy here. Ooh la la, I love looking boyish - it makes me wanna sing :-)

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