Monday, September 7, 2009

Hey are you happy now?

Hey You,

how has today been treating you so far? Was the weather kind to you? Did you run into a good friend?

As for me, today I am just sitting in front of a computer again doing what I love most, reading and thinking. The weather here has been a bit too cold and wet for my liking but I have now a lively heater in the form of Shiro, so I am feeling warm inside out.

As we grew up and apart from each other, I wonder what road you are taking now and more importantly, is it leading you towards where you want to go and most importantly, are you happy now?

As for readers whom I have never met, I wonder the same about you.

What is on your mind?

What makes you happy lately? Shiro makes me happy - to see him learn so much and grow into a handsome dog makes me feel glad. Mr Tan makes me smile - through the rain, through the fire. Family and friends - just the thought of them lights up my day. The fact that I am still not giving up makes me very proud of myself.

What has been troubling you? Career is the first and foremost issue to me. The uncertainties spell insecurity. The hunger for achievement leads to frustration. Damaged relationships become the second. Relationships, being as abstract as they are and as complicated as a human mind can be, are so hard to be healed. Thirdly, the bikini body age-old issue.

Where are you going to? I am not sure. In the picture, I am walking along this long, narrow and straight road with vast green fields on each side under a very blue sky. I take small steps sometimes. But occasionally, I feel the need to sprint for a while. The end of the road never seems to appear and because of that I keep walking. For I want to see my destination.

Do you need strength now? I am strong enough to pick myself up whenever I feel defeated. From time to time, this strength gets exhausted and I panick over the thought of exposing my weakness to the ugly bad world. But, if there are people who reach out and help whenever this happens, hey, that must mean that the world is not so bad and ugly after all, isn't it?

Are you happy? Yes, I am.

To everyone reading this, it doesn't matter whether I know you or not, I know the world can be a big, scary place and reality can be harsh, cruel. I know despite the billions of people in this world, one can feel out of place and lonely. I know despite the money and materials out there, true happiness can only come from the within of someone.

So, please just let me tell you this: I wish you to be happy.

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