Monday, July 28, 2008

You know the giddy feelings you get when you go over old and possible embarassing pictures of yourself? Well, I found out that the same can happen to email addresses as well! Especially the very well preserved ones. . . . but of cos, I won't be publishing a list of others' email addresses rite here. Not that I really care. . . haha. But ever since going through Negligence in Business Law, I figured there are too much I have done in the past or have though of doing, which would have made me sue-worthy!

So I shall just limit the scope of this research to using email adresses which are long bygones, in the land of unwanted-forgotten email adresses :-)
I don't remember my very first email address, but it was an and since my Dad was the one who had it made, I doubt it'd be anything fancy.

. . . And this proved to be true, once compared to the ones I made as soon as I found out that an email address is not really an ADDRESS. You can actually have a FEW!
So the list of disastrous email adresses started. . .

. . .I think the top 3 ones are kinda self explanatory. The last one was inspired, ah just the right word, 'inspired' by the nickname my late Uncle call me by. Kah Zee.

And FYI, all these email addresses date back to before I turned 13 or 14, okay? Well. Except for the Westlife one. That was used until I turned 17. Erm. Okay, let us just move on.

Needless to say, none of them are being used now. Please do not tell me you expected the otherwise *sweat*. The truth is I never told anyone about the existence of these addresses at all! It was purely for my own private enjoyment, whatever enjoyment there was. The only mails coming in would be subscribed emails about , you guessed it, Westlife, Pokemon and Sailormoon.

It was pretty tedious, you know, maintaining so many accounts.

And don't even get me started on the cringe-worthy ICQ/ mIRC nicknames I used. And I do hope it is forgotten among my friends as well. Let us make it a friendship pact, eh? *wink*

Anyway, the funniest ever email address I have seen would be the one belonging to a dear friend of mine, ha ha ha.

1) It was Westlife related as well.
2) It was as obsessive as mine.
3) It was directed to the same member within Westlife, which I liked as well.

But why was hers worse than mine?

4) The name of that guy was spelt wrongly!
5) It was used so extensively that she has to keep using it until now, in every single formal / informal document.

Never fails to crack me up.

Suddenly miss my QBee and Elaine eh!

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