Monday, September 15, 2008


What is with the synchronized falls of the red bins?

And the flat on the face fall for the signboard?


The video above shows how windy it has been around here lately. In fact, I ended up walking like a crab as a result of the wind pushing me. An indirect inference : I am just as heavy as those small tree branches :-)

Have any of you ever wondered whether you can make a difference in this wide world of millions billions of individuals?

As I was in Finance today, seeing how careless shareholders have their value or influence diluted due to unanticipated future emergencies, I can't help feeling that everyone of us, as individuals might have our uniqueness diluted should we continue living ignorantly. "Ignorant" as in? Being oblivious to what we can actually do to make our mark.

Achievement - while it is something everyone yearns - is always blown so outta proportions in today's world that we find it hard to recognize. Or hard to convince ourselves of our very own 'achievements' being an achievement. For, in the context of this cold modern society, the meaning of this word is so constricted that a majority of us wander along the streets, empty inside and drained outside, refusing to acknowledge our ownself.

Does it have to be big, tremendous or ground shaking for something to be an 'achievement'?\

The answer is no. So apparent, so obvious. But yet so hard to instill into these stubborn mindset of ours.

So what made me think about all these?

Well, I went to Coles this afternoon to pick up some grocery and as usual they were tucked into a green plastic bag. A very typical scenario. Nothing special to me.

Outside the lecture hall, I met a coursemate of mine. Typing away on his laptop, while a box of weetbix, a carton of eggs and some other grocery-like stuffs lied on the floor near him. Curious as we were, we asked why he did not have a bag for those things. To which he gave a simple, obvious answer, we should all have known by heart. Seriously, by HEART.

"Plastic bags are not good."

Wait a minute. I know this. But, then again, what have I been doing despite knowing that?

I can't say I have done as much as I should have been able to in terms of recycling. All the while, very well aware of how important it is. Why is it so hard?

Trouble? Well, come to think of it, all I have to do is just say a simple 'no' to plastic bags and sort out my garbage. Is it really that hard? No, definitely no. What is stopping me? Or, what had been stopping me to do so?

"It is not like my contribution will save much anyway."

Shameful but true.

But, let us take a look at the big picture: To say 'no' will lead to approximately 5 plastic bags saved per week making it 270 plastic bags a year. To properly sort out my garbage will see an average of 5 more plastic bottles per month, 100% increase in paper waste per month being recycled, making it 60 more bottles and 100% increase in paper waste per year.

Seems like a decent contribution or 'nah, the numbers aren't that great a difference'

I choose to think that, I will make a difference with this decent contribution.

An achievement can be miniature, indeed.

You matter.

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