Monday, September 1, 2008

Merdeka meh

So it was Merdeka and I hollered 'Merdeka x 3' that night.

Then I woke up to the start of Spring yesterday. Joy. Warm sunlight seeping through the blinds. . .

But it all ended so quickly!
Merdeka = Freedom, rite? You wish!
Spring = Running through the green fields as a camera pans from above, rite? No lo!

First. Just mapped out my September calender. Ooo, delightful.

"If I survive August, I survive the course"

Scrap that. This just in:

"If I survive September, I survive the course"

And I predict a similar clause for October as well.

1st Sept - Patent for inventions essay (50%)
6th Sept - Accounting Tutorial work (1%)
9th Sept - Marketing Innovation group assignment (35%)
13th Sept - Accounting Tute (1%)
15th Sept - Business Law essay (30%)
19th Sept - Pathway from science to wealth assignment (7%)
20th Sept - Accounting tute (1%)
26th Sept - Accounting group assignment (25%)

Hopefully, you will still see me UP and RUNNING by the end of this month. Not BOTTOM and DROWNING.


When I was in KL, he visited Paris I think.
Now that I am in Melbourne, he visited Sydney.

Is it destined for me and Milo (Ventimiglia as in the hottest of the burningly scorching hot Peter from Heroes) to never lay eyes and fall in love with each other?


The number on my weighing scales seems to be enjoying themselves. Adding themselves up without my permission.


Malaysia graduation will be on Thursday. While the others are smartly dressed with graduation robes and anticipating the moment, I will be in my sweat pants with on oversized T-shirt and eating low fat crackers.

I yearn for a reunion!!

SIGH. Spring ah spring, how can you do this to me?

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