Thursday, December 4, 2008

Calling all my friends

"As you grow older, it gets harder to make friends and your circle of friends become smaller" - Mum.

Despite not being all that old yet, I am already finding this quote very true.
Despite the advancement of technology to help us stay in touch e.g. Facebook.

Thus, the importance of rebuilding lost connections and keeping in touch with existing friends, must always be remembered. However, given the busy world of cash and survival, it is not all that easy, isn't it?

Such is the shame of looking at a familiar face from a random picture on Facebook and not being able to recall his/her name.

Primary school

The joy of being able to talk to everyone without casting prejudice, suspicion or first impression biases. You knew people from your class, the class next door, the class downstairs. Every recess was an eating fest and you knew 60% of the little community around the canteen area.

But how many of these primary school friends are you able to keep till today? Some of them just disappeared without a trace from your life, some resurfaced after a while, some maintained on mere hi-bye terms, some still going strong with you.

So here is a big hellooooooooo to anyone of you who are reading this! As a regular reader, secret reader (I know letting others know you are reading this might make you seem lame, sorry), fateful reader. No matter how you got to this little page, here is a list of shout-out to y'all!
Jing Lu: The last time we wanted to meet, things did not turn out well :-( So how is life with piano and I wonder what hairstyle you have now!

Chee Sing: You are a pilot now, so how is the feeling like looking from up up above!

Richard Lu: Let us recap on the water-fight you had with Glyniss haha. Kids kids kids.
Wen Xian: Dear Class Monitor, how are things going? And send my regards to Cikgu Chooi.

Sharon Fong: It's been a while since I last talked to you online and remember the HOT topic we were onto last time!

Lee Ming Sun: I always thought you have the fairest skin ever, I am still tanned hahaha.

Siau Man: It was cool getting back together and killing the L'Oreal Night together after such a long time. Hope you are doing fine right now!

***And I wish I could recall more :-(

Secondary School

Like I mentioned proudly in my last post, I was a hermit/ almost-hermit during high school hence, understand la. I wish I had gotten close to more of my high school mates. Luckily for me, I managed to get closer to some of them after graduation. Unluckily for me, some of the closer ones back then have been drifting apart at the same time :-(

Irene Lee: I will never forget your performance for 'Bad Girl' (I think that is the song title) during primary school, I swear it was the coolest thing ever and I so wanted to be like you!

Pei Sun (Jessica): Still rocking the academic world rite! Please donate some brainy-genes to me :-)

Chiam: I wonder what you are doing now? And whether you and Pei Sun are still like peas in a pod.

Wei Suan: You seem so active from your Friendster - wish we could sit down and really talk together about it. Which yumcha place do you prefer?

Chiew Lin: I have always wondered how you would look with your loooong hair down :-)

Eva: I should have asked more about your boyfriend when I met you last last Chinese New Year, regretting it now. And Facebook more often la!

Jin Yin: How are you lately? The first time I met you, in kindergarten, you had my dream hair :-)

Shuk Ting & Loong: We should have talked more often, about the sky, about the earth, about whatever. So let us meet again for damn sure this time when I get back alrite-y!

Miau Bing: Can I poke your dimples?

Po Wah: I need my gossips and your unique perspective on things! I need your interesting views in life, bro!

***And the others whom I have forgotten to include, let's holler to each other soon :-) or chances are you are one of the people I am constantly rambling to online/on phone/ in person wheee!


This is the most volatile period of my life. Totally new environment, totally new people and totally new system. No more moving as a 'class', meaning meeting more people at the expense of spending less time to get to know each. More people also meant more diverse in background and character e.g. from Chinese to Bangladesh, AhBengs to 'Bananas', FlipFlops to SkyHighHeels.

In the end, despite there being more than 90% of girls in my Biotech course, all potential girlfriends, I only got close to a small group of approximately 10 and managed to keep in close touch with about 4? :-(

But there were some positive surprises as well :-) Some whom I have never spoken to suddenly came into my life, albeit a bit stalker-ish (wahaha) and now we can crap on and on and on and on. Which is a good thing, okay?

Chew Bee: Are you still singing as much and when is the next competition gonna be?

Elaine: I saw a tube top, a black one with small white polka dots, and it reminded me of you!
Jennifer: Working hard on your photography skills, I suppose! Smile!
Emma: I miss Human Tofu :-P

Kae Xin: Where should we shop in Singapore? And are you talking faster now?

***Why can't I think of anyone else!!? OH NO. And obviously I don't have to state KangNing, Amanda, and some others here. Obviously you guys know the reason for it.

Childhood friends

Iris: I will definitely korek you out once I return to Malaysia and then we can eat and I can make you fat muahahaha.

Cousin Hui: Remember the many many fights we had and the stupid patching up methods? I wonder how we drifted apart that badly :-( Let us meeeeeettt!

***Again at a loss!

The moral of this story:

You don't really have that many friends than you think you did. And as shown here, the lack of contact and effort in keeping in touch are making the circle smaller.

I do not want to be friendless :-(

Can we all be friends again?
Not hi-bye only.
Not online only.

But friends who catch up for supper, have common activities like gymming, gossip about celebrities, visit each other often, share inside jokes and think about each other.

Contact me.
Nudge me on MSN.
Sms me.
Email me.
Facebook message me.
Give me a simple 'hello' at the chatbox conveniently placed on your left.

It will make me smile :-)

Onto some daily snippets of my life:

I rescued a snail from being squashed beneath my sneakers yesterday and to avoid it being endangered by any other pedestrians, I adopted it :-) It's my pet now - still thinking of a name for it~

I made this! Caramel sponge cake in a cup, cute mou? Actually it is just a fascinating Japan instant cake in a cup thing I stumbled upon in an Asian Grocer. And believe me or not, you really just need to pop in an egg, mix till even, pop it into the microwave oven for 1.5 minutes. Then out it comes, warm and fluffy :-)

Initially thought of writing 'see how soft and fluffy it is' but after taking a closer glance it somehow resembles the state of my tummy, apalah. No mood already.

Fudge bought by WenJi from New Zealand. I only took two small small bites okay?

My new $20 dress, the chiffon floral material I always wanted for spring (it was only on sale come summer but who cares!). Wanted to wear for my birthday but oh well, sometimes it is worth it wearing it for another occassion. This is not a model pose, or a KarenCheng pose or whatever. It is just the consequential pose of sucking in my tummy. Very sen fu.

Exhale *ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

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