Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dessert with Sissy

It started with . . "Let's go for dessert." Lowena was (pretending) to sleep at the back of the car. Then WenJi remembered about the pastry chef who appeared in the celebrity chef challenge with my beloved Callum who apparently is based in a Cafe at Crown. Of course it excited me: 1) Sweets! 2) Celebrity Chef! 3) Callummmmmmmmmmmmm.

Thanks to the power of technology, google told us that Miss Celebrity Chef, Philippa Sibley, has now opened a new cafe at St Kilda. The webpage was a simple one page layout but that was enough to convince us to jet to St Kilda. At this moment, Lowena was trying very hard (pretending) to sleep.

The cafe looked really humble and cosy. Little tables sprawled across the room and there were only two waiter/waitresses who were so enthusiastic when it comes to explaining the menu.

We ordered 3 desserts - since it is a special occassion :)

1) The famous 'Snickers'
Caramel Parfait Glace with Salted Peanut Caramel and Milk Chocolate Mousse. This was the challenge Callum had to face and eventually lost out to Philippa. Watch the challenge by clicking here to see how difficult it was to make a slice of this beauty. Oh if you don't feel like watching, look at the recipe: here.
We looked high and low the (small) menu to find nothing similar to the MasterChef challenge and were slightly disappointed. Then the waitress asked, "Did you watch the Masterchef epi..." "YES," was the collective answer of WenJi and I.
It looked exactly like on the show and I could feel Callum's sweat and tears *sniff sniff* The chocolate on top glimmers and the best way to split this cake? To crack it with a light force using your spoon :D I wanna go back already :P

2) Snow White and Red Rose

Let me try to capture this as accurate as possible. This is made up of rosewater ice-cream and vanilla ice-cream with chunks of strawberries at the bottom, decorated with two meringue angel wings (I was sold at this point - angel wings meringue - what else man!?) and crystalised rose petals (I was sold again at this point).

3) Poire Belle . . . .something (Sorry I failed you). Chocolate fondant with melted gooey chocolate infused with maybe honey or champage (according to Lowena) and poached pear with a heart of vanilla ice-cream. This is lurve.

When you get the bill, you get free raspberry marshmallow which are soft as. . . . fluff. Well, this is consolation to the extreme satisfaction you get from the not only delicious but beautiful desserts here.

Be warned, the desserts don't come at a light price. Snickers is priced at $19 and Snow White and Red Rose at $16 (if I'm not wrong). So this is the perfect place to bring your partner to make him/her feel special without the Chanel haha.

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