Sunday, July 18, 2010

Melbourne with Sissy

The first night I went dinner with my sister in Melbourne, the tram we were in hit a taxi :/ My first experience in my 3 years living in Melby, and right after I met my sis yup.

The following day, I hung out with my sister for the first time in a while and the day was freaking windy. Not in quite a while had it been that windy, and right after I met my sis yup.

It was this windy.

It was so windy even the power of Burberry can go die.

We headed up to Mount Dandenong for some serious breakfast action with Melissa and her Mum, who uses the same G11 as me. Oh and I promised to teach her a bit about using the camera, but I think I can probably cover everything I know in . . . .10 minutes. Cause I know THAT much!

We dropped by Teapots, a shop filled with teapots, teacups and tea, located right next to Miss Marples as we arrived an hour before Mis Marples opened just to secure a place. After all, at Miss Marples, it is strictly on a first come first served basis with no take-aways allowed.

Lowena was in awe and on a teapot-high.

I loved this little cottage teapot.

Oh there's a cow in my milk!!

Christmas in July!

Miniature tea sets sitting in a miniature cabinet I nearly knocked over.

Lines and lines of mugs fill every wall in the store.

Lowena and Thomas fighting over whether to buy the $90+ water bottle or the $60+ water kettle. Then they bought both.

Salt and pepper . . . . frogs, yummy.

Salt and pepper . . . . cupcakes, yummy?

And then the most joyous thing happened: Lowena found her long lost identical twin. *sniff sniff*

So at 11 am sharp, we headed back to Miss Marples, expecting to be the FIRST ones!

But of course, we were too late, as the place has been filled and we were asked to return half an hour later.

So more teapots+teacups+tea browsing time.
More miniature darlings!

Okay as much as I love all things miniature and dainty - my stomach and its well being is way moooooorrrreeeeeee important.

Finally, breakfast at Miss Marples.

Me: Mel, you really don't mind going to Miss Marples again after going just last week?
Melissa: No, I love it there!
Me: You sure?
Melissa: Wo chaoooooooooo xi huan. (trans: I suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper like it there).

The jam and cream we go gaga for.

Quiche Lorraine with gigantic chips and salad no one touched mehehe.

Onion soup with drizzles of cheeeeeese.

Asparagus and cheese fingers.

Mel: This one is the best.
Me: What are they? Really?
Mel: Believe me. THE BEST.

The star of the show: scones glorious scones.

Horror movie poster: The Over-fed Ghost.

We were stuffed but of course, dessert is another matter totally - bread and butter pudding :)

Rode the trains after that to the city where cameras were whipped out and pictures were shared before someone fell asleep, someone else camwhored like mad.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon shopping around the city - forced to run into shops due to the cold, wind and drizzle - not because of the sales at all! At night, we met up with WenJi for some modern Australian cuisine.

Me: What do you guys wanna eat?
Thomas and Lowena: Emu, kangaroo, ostrich . . . you get the gist.

We went to Tjanabi at Federation Square. At first, I thought Tjanabi would be an Indian restaurant from the name and so did WenJi.

Here are the food we had for the night:

Taster plates:-
House made duck liver, brandy and pepper leaf pate with melba toast
Crocodile Escabech – crocodile tail fillet in a Spanish marinade
Pork Rabbit loin and duck neck terrine muntrie and apple chutney
Local olives marinated in lemon and native pepper leaf
Vegetarian spring rolls with mango and finger lime chutney
Kangaroo chorizo with tomato and Tasmanian pepper relish

Some sampler - feta cheese and lamb (I think).

Salmon fillet on a bed of greens with caviar

Kangaroo fillet

Emu fillet with risotto and braised carrots.

Lowena: Wah carrots! I haven't eaten vege in a while! *munches* Eh, how come it tastes like alcohol. . . . ?

Lowena: Ohhhh risotto! I love risotto! *munches* Eh, how come tastes like ginseng . . . . ?

We were quite stuffed when we were done with our dinner. But WenJi and I were adamant about going for some noice dessert somewhere. We thought about Cumulus, then Greco then, an ingenious idea dawned upon us and led us to the biggest discovery and sweetest experience we ever had.

So much as a Lowena who pretended to be sleeping in the car woke up, bright and totally in love after that.

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