Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mart130 & Saganaki

I am going to bring my sister to Mart 130 - the best breakfast place in Melby.

So, of course, I have to go and re-taste the GOOD stuffs over there before bringing the guest of honour over.

It was a cold windy morning and I risked my life for this mission.

A hot chocolate to start off my day.

The eggs are the highlights at this hidden cafe but Mel's Mum discovered the other gem on its menu - the corn fritters. So Ray ordered this tangy, spicy delight.

For the sake of feeling healthy. . . . erm, actually due to an extended period of overeating with Ray being back from kampung Marla and forcing me to eat with me (sigh of sigh), I ordered fruit granola with vanilla yoghurt.
And it came with milk.

We sat overlooking the windy landscapes of a leash-free dog park.

And the milk went to Ray. I gave him that key component of my breakfast - milk, cos I just LURVE milk.

We spent the rest of the day in the city, booking day tours for my sis&co. Then it started raining heavily and we started running frantically back to our car. Jetted back to Clayton . . . . . to grab a KFC Snack Box.
Why just a small Snack Box for the two of us?
Cause we were gonna head to SAGANAKI for Ray's early birthday dinner! (Side story: I got a $100 dinner voucher for Saganaki after winning a lucky draw)
I find bangs so important in making me feel younger haha.

And colour contact lens so important in making my eyes look bigger :D

We ordered like mad!
First up: Trio of dips – Tzatziki, Taramasalata and Melitzanosalata served with pita (I loved the red coloured dip!)

Second entree: Saganaki - Pan fried kefalograviera cheese (Cheesy heaven omg you must order this in every Greek restaurant)

Cocktail: Cookies & Cream

Main #1: Mixed Grill Plate - Chef’s selection of meats which may include Lukaniko, pork, beef and chicken

Main #2: Kakavia – A glorious Greek version of the famous French bouillabaisse ~ Fresh seafood including scallops, prawns, mussels, calamari, crab and fish from today’s market is combined with Macaronia in a delicate tomato, garlic and chili soup.

No dessert cause. . . anyway, I got a $2 scarf from Cotton On and have been wearing it everywhere. Bargains, how I love them and pride myself on finding them.

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