Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shiro 1st Bday

Guess what! Shiro turns 1 today!

My ball of love just turned one and I cannot feel prouder of him. And his excessive barking. And his flying furballs. And his overpowering jumps.

Everything, eburizhing.

So to celebrate this joyful day I gave him a giant piece of present - a gigantic lamb chop :)

So big that it could not fit into his bowl so I had to cut it up~

Although it is his birthday - patience training must go on - placed the tempting chunk of meat in front of him but no! He Must Wait For My Command.
Looking at Rachel.

Looking at me. . . oh, actually at the meat.

And then he walloped everything!
Happy Birthday dear Shiro,

you have brought so much joy into my life.

And that is all that I could ever ask for :)
A short update on myself: I got new hair :)

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