Saturday, March 10, 2007


I had a fun but tiring day today! Or shud it be this way? Fun and tiring day today!

Walking around with friends, looking at all sorts of eye candies, laughing to meaningless jokes and expressing each others' problems.

Simple daily activities. Simple yet satisfying!

The thing about opening your heart in communication with people you can trust is, you'll realize that you are not the only one with problems in your life. Everyone has a knot which they try hard to release in their hearts, or a burden they carry which weighs down their spirit. Some might free themselves from it sooner than others. One thing for sure is, with effort and belief, you will be released and you will love yourself.

Keep trying!

Another thing that made me happy today was knowing that my besties had loadsa fun in the Water Festival! It must have been quite a bash! Knowing this made me happy, but it was kinda funny as I had all these images running through my head as in what they would be doing, what lame jokes they could be cracking, what they would be tempted to eat and how they would fail miserably in the games. It was as if, I was gonna be there with them or I was gonna meet up with them there.............very soon.

I really realize now, I miss my days spent with you all very very much.

And it was nice to have someone calling you all the way just to let you listen to the sounds of fireworks. You thought of me! I knew it! Thanks :)

There are bad things happening around me now, and I complaint about it, quite a lot today. But as the day proceed, I found out that there are more good things happening in my life actually. Now, they kinda blinded me from all the baddies.

Currently I am reading up a new manga~ not really new, but new to me called D.Gray-Man. See! Good things are happening! After being lost with any anime and manga for 2 weeks, now I found something I love~ Should introduce Eric to read this since he's a Full Metal Alchemist fan!

Manga time!

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