Thursday, March 1, 2007


Finally I set up my internet connection in my room. Ok, this might be a sentence u have repeted over the years but then for someone humble like me, this is truly an achievement! For once, I set up everything just by the help of a manual!......and through emergency sms-es to a helmet-ed friend. But now, I shall treat this helmet-ed fella better by 0.5%.

Over the days as semester started, there had been loadsa things going on within me. Lectures and everything, they are going fine. Or should I say, jus as expected. But then, it is different. But luckily I have really nice friends here who helped me a lot. Eventhough, there are changes over the course of my absence. It is ONE year. But sometimes, I do feel grateful and glad to see that they are actually helping me to close the gap between us. Informing me of things that happened, sharing their experiences with me, or just simply crap. I feel a lot better ady.

Which led me to think, wat happened to me?

Staying alone for a year in Clayton, I might have gotten a bit too attached to my buddies there. To have gone everywhere together, stuck together all expect bedtime, did so much together, creating new meanings to stupidity, speaking ENGLISH with Amy, .....maybe I was really too attached. Furthermore, to hae a special someone there. It is never easy to part from someone special. Not used to it, not wanting to get used to it.

But this is life and I do understand that there are things in life which are unavoidable. We can only do our best to make the best out of it. So here I am holding on and trying the very best I can. I suddenly feel lucky to have known so many nice people throughout my life.

Secondary school friends who are still around. Who I can still chat to, pour my heart to, spend quality time with. Some might have drifted apart, but this revealed the true gems among the treasure. I still wanna practime Lami and win See Ying! And seriously, Steve u r the best!

Uni frens who are always helping. For making me feel part of everyone and keeping me updated on things here. Never hesitating to assist me ard uni. Really grateful.

Melb-y frens who went through thick n thin, food n diet, exercise n slack with me. It wouldn't be that fun, enjoyable, memorable and missed without u guys ard. What I tot of as a tough and long year, turned out to be too short. Really miss u girls... Esp CUTE Olivia, CUTER WenJi and CUTEST Amy. Almost forgot, PRETTY SiewChin.

And someone special who made my life a lot brighter. Go figure..!

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