Sunday, March 4, 2007

Three Timing LDR

It is tough to be having a LDR. But last night only I realized, I am actually having LDRs with .......3 persons. How come I realized?

Feelings develop over the course of time and sometimes, attraction is fatal. Together with elements like trust, faith and laughter. It just can be stopped.

Somehow I feel sorry for myself and for all involved.

There is the special one whom I long to talk to everyday. Who lingers on my mind always. Who guides me in going thru everything. My Uncle Tan has been really nice to me. More than anything I can ask for. Truly blessed.

There is the most jovial , happy-go-lucky, clumsy one. Who stuck with me day and night last year. Walking long distances, going to the gym, eating out, tram rides, stupid accidents. We talk everyday on Skype until bedtime which is 4 am over there. Stapling. Everthing we did together. My dear WenJi.

There is the more lovey-dovey one with the special accent. Or special English. Sending me countless lovey-dovey sms-es from Aussie. Saying more 'I miss you's and 'I love you's than anyone before. Making me happy every single day. The Amy.

But sorry guys, I chose Uncle Tan! Wahaha!

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