Friday, March 9, 2007

It is never just black or white.

There are always those decisions which you make knowing that it is the best. Sometimes due to necessity, rationale, or just mere responsibility. Saying this, the best decision sometimes are created for a situation. Not necessarily for ourselves.

Sometimes I don't even know what I want. Living in this world of dilemmas, what makes it worse is a doubtful heart, lack of confidence in ownself, cruel reality and the hurt from mistakes which we never intended. Sometimes I don't even know what I want to say.

I somehow think I was trained to become optimistic. There was a period in my life where it seems like every single thing in the world are destined to be against me. No one would understand complex little me. I was the damsel in distress not wanting any help. I would remain a dark loner all my life. To continue to be this unapproachable, dark being with a twisted mindset was what I tot of.

Gradually, light entered. Whatever allowed this small glimmer to ignite, I have to thank you.

Instead of spending every single day, being angry of not being understood, blaming others blindly for what was my own imperfection, locking myself away from the outside world, soaking in my own tears of angst, rebellion and selfishness, isn't it much more easier to face the day and ind out what it has in store for u?

I was not as bad as I tot I was. I didn't have to replace my lack of confidence with jealousy and isolation. Now, I learnt to gradually love myself more day by day.

I was not un-understandable. I just didn't allow others to approach or unmask my feelings. I am glad to announce that I have angels in my life now.

I was not really angry of life itself. I was just annoyed at my lack of courage in making the best out of life. Now, I am living one of the best moments in my life thanks to some courageous acts. ;P

I was never abandoned by others. I was the one isolating myself from them. I realize just a little effort in creating laughter and communication, can tighten bonds so much more.

People are not always mean. I just didn't allow a chance for myself to see them in another light. Now, I can even see angels on Earth.

Life had never been unkind to me. I had been ungrateful and unappreciative to this gift of Life. Having misused half of it, I am gonna do my best in everything now.

There are tough decisions you have to make in life .
There are mistakes which might leave you scarred forever in life.
There are moments when it is so painful that you wish no more of life.
There are times when you want to give up on life.

But, have you seen life in a different light?
Never let the negativities blind you from the positivities.
Instead of holding on to everything that hurtful and heavy, why not let it go to welcome a nicer perspective on life where you can come to know happiness again?

It is never easy.
But it is never harder than living life with a burden of angst and tears.

I do feel sad once in a while. Like why can't I be with the people I love all the while.
But then again, I understand it being inevitable and the best for everyone.
Although afar, our bonds can develop into something stronger.

So, life pretty much balances itself. Never all good and definitely never all bad.

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