Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I miss I miss I miss miss miss

The first thing that came to my mind when my new fringe was unveiled rite before my eyes were. "Not another curtain ........."

This is how deeply u guys affected me over the last year. Rite now, despite hating that description so badly, it is already in my dictionary. So i had to get all of you back with ur special IDs now~ So fair and square!

It is funny how a small thing like a haircut can send memories back to u. I couldn't wait to show Uncle Tan my new curtain despite hating it for looking so funny because I know he'd laugh for sure! And that is really the nicest thing to me rite now :)

I still remember the time I rushed over just to let you see me in short hair for the first time! I actually was kinda scared of what reaction I would get! Especially after the 'like a cute little boy~!' remark! But then again, it turned out to be a sweet memory after all.

I can feel the busy life of uni knocking on my door again. Any time from now, it will show its disgusting face again. But fear not, for I will slap it on its face and ask it to buzz off! Despite all the pressure and workload, surely I'll be able to live through it. I mean, things will only get harder in life. Accepted this fact and decided to make the best out of it. So here I am, feeling great although tired, a bit sleepy and a bit flabby.

Suddenly there was a little frustration in me last nite! Why do my eyecreams never work? Do they just despise me like Tomato does or is it face problem? I dun think it is the latter. I really need some good recommendations for I am evolving into a slightly underweight Panda.

But enough with the FRUS thing as I'll be returning Sandakan in 2 days' time! To see my ohisashiburi brother, tease my kepo mother, prank my whiny and annoying and loud sister, just to be with everyone I have missed so much again. Although knowing that it would probably just be a trip with lazy afternoons, endless yumcha sessions, snacking in front of tv and lazing on the floor, I can't wait.

Other things I can't wait for?

To see Pumpkin, TimTams, Tomato and Sushi again to roam everywhere in search of fun, crap, lameness, shopping sprees, bargains, fake-exercising-sessions, kepo kepo kepo, embarassment and so on...

To go travelling with my buddies here also in search o er......................good food. Ta Wei Wang haha. BBQ in the rain was really top notch!

To just see Lemon ;P

Ok, time to hit Micro without Omar!

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