Monday, April 2, 2007

Orange Days!

It is such a shame but people do grow apart given the time and distances which are parting them. The present usually taken granted for. The past longed for. The future anticipated of. As time goes by, thoughts of ownself increase. So much so that, sometimes memories are less re-visited.

After watching Orange Days, there is this after-effect. Graduation didn’t really seem like just a ceremony.

Although I cannot say that my uni life had been tops. Mountains of assignments, pulses of pressure, overwhelming information squeezed into my saturated brain, irritating petty stuffs, monotonous or zero-knowledge labs, unfavourable lecturers, struggling with the Sandman in class, stupid mistakes here and there, yucky cafeteria food, endless hunt for text books not one likes.

I am starting to miss these things. Feels like I am giving up a part of my life. Afterall, all this while I have been a student.

Realizing that after this year, everyone will be taking a different route, towards a separate destination. We will then be biting our lips and carrying on with our own life, trying hard to make the best out of ourselves. Starting on a whole new chapter of our life, expecting challenges, obstacles, disappointments, tests, realism.

To be stronger. To survive. To be proud of ourselves. To make the best out of our lives.

Living is great after all.

I wonder what will happen after this?
I wonder if my friends and I will remain the same as we change with time?
I wonder if we can still chat on anything?
I wonder if we can ever meet again at all?

“Of course we can keep if we put that extra little effort.” Thanks a lot and I guess your sms saved me in time.

University life really had been like an orange to me. A mix of sweetness and sourness, but all the while the taste is memorable.

Not knowing what I was thinking when I enrolled.
Going through my first, second and now, third year without much thought.
Days of laughter and warmth in an environment I felt affiliated to.
Still lost and uncertain of life after university.
Passing subjects without much passion instilled into it.
Makes me question what I gained after all these years.

I guess I am a bit scared of stepping into reality.
Which I promise myself to conquer.
I remember the times we spend sitting around, just enjoying each other’s company.
I remember the trips to library which were meant for studying, initially.
I remember the new vocabularies created during the course of our friendship.
I remember the many trips we planned that seldom took off.
I remember the many times we took so long to decide where to eat.
I remember the recurrent vows of not to shop anymore.
I remember the countless complaints we shoot out about our lecturers.
I remember the looks on our faces during the exams.
I remember the lame jokes we carry so proudly with us everywhere.
I remember the teasings showing how close we are.
I remember the times I was never alone when I was sad.
I remember the spontaneous acts we always perform at the worst times.
I remember not ever worrying I might feel lonely.
I remember how bad it feels when I miss you all.

So much memories. So hard to let go.

If there are so much fond memories, then I think you can tell that, my university life had been great!

Although we will be going our separate ways, working towards our own goals, leading different lives, scattered all around the world, but it does not matter. Given that extra little effort and a whole lot of sincerity, it is not hard to keep in touch. Maybe there really won’t be a chance to meet again, but memories will keep you close to me.

So let us just spare a little effort and time in the midst of all the confusion, struggles and hardships we might have to endure in life. I am sure it will brighten you life. No matter how small the light is, it always stands out amidst the dark.

In the midst heavy, gloomy days, there will be a bright, Orange Day waiting for you.

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