Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Draw until the intestines

When you get a hidden meaning, it is meant to be 'hidden'. But somehow I realized a young, naive, cute diva who makes REVEALING her biggest mission for all time. Triple Sweat.

But no matter how hard I deny it or how desperately I try to hide it, there is some kinda strange and at times, funny or STUPID, understanding between me and this princess. I mean, I never really made your conclusion a point in my last entry. How did u know?

Partly glad, partly not. Cos I always assumed u to be the more retarded of us two. Seems like my level is actually near yours. I am sinking.........

It is really great when you have people you actually can connect to. No matter how stupid the topics are, you'd be able to enjoy a great laugh together. Waste of time? Definitely not.

A simple wink.
A small hand gesture.
A random word.
A roll of the eye.
An idiotic smirk.
An eye signal.

They can mean a lot. To you and me who are connected!
Remind me of all our inside details all the time, pls!

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