Thursday, April 19, 2007

Resisting the Mainstream

It is easy to just follow the mainstream, gain that sense of affiliation, and be part of the BIG family.

But it is also hard to have to struggle with your inner child daily to force the change of mindset so suddenly. Because the 'child' knows not what peer pressure is and can readily show his/her true colours.

This part of me almost left me today. But I managed to convince it to stay just in time.
I am glad to say that I managed to stay myself. Yokatta.

It is important to have something you believe in. It helps you through the day, makes your everyday worth living, calms you in times of chaos, allows you to feel strong, gives you confidence and grants you identity. Afterall, what is identity when you follow blindly.

But that is not enough, you have to grasp your belief. With determination, an unwavering stand, confidence. This is the hard part. And when things did not go your way despite all this, look into the whole matter again.

At least, it is you yourself who made it through in the end.
Not a 'you' with someone else's mind and soul.

Another point to remember is to keep those important people around you who brings you back to who you are at these weak moments. They are for the keeping and to be appreciated.

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