Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pandora Box

It is often bad when you trip and a ladder falls over you. Then a barrel. A pot. A LOT. Add a pickpocket into this scene too.

I am easily overwhelmed by the buildup of little problems in my everydays. Laptop complications, handphone malfunctioning, assignments heaping up, renovation headaches, internal conflicts, brain dead sessions, bloated mornings and even, bad hair days. All these small petty matters. It is really a wonder how they can break me. Sometimes.

And with this, my favourite jokes, smiling face, carefree style and talkative side, seem to be this protective shield I devised over the course of growing up, protecting my weak inside from breaking. Just like the pandora box, I dun wanna pour out of me insecurity, doubts, painful memories, fear, cowardice, loneliness and despair. Let my shield continue emitting a halo of positivity and happiness.

Everyone is a pandora box i think. One cannot grow without facing any negativities in life. These are in turn stored safely inside our hearts. This little pandora box is in me as well.

If opening up this box releases all these burdening elements inside of me, I would not think twice about it. But like all things in life, there is always a catch. These devils released from you, will reside in the pandora box of your closest ones. Adding on their burden, and possibly weakening their protective shield. In the end, does this not add guilt into ur box? Or even pain?

As in opening the box, locking it with a thrown away key, will not bring much good either. The space is limited. The protective barrier is of limited strength. When negativity accumulates, its force will grow and this pressure can break the toughest locks for the box. What ensues will be the slow destruction of the shield from within. So, always learn to release these monsters from your Pandora Box once in a while to understand them, face them and tame them, before returning them into the Box as a less destructive entity. Or best of all, convert them into a component worthy of being part of your shield.

The pandora box is a mysterious thing. So strong and yet so fragile. So true but yet so misleading. So common but yet so unique. So important but yet so dangerous. So 'me' but yet so 'us'.

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