Friday, March 2, 2007

To fuel out this frustration!

Okay, now i am gonna try and release all this frustration within me.

Why am i just so damn bad with computers?
Okay, Lenz said to treat them with care and LOVE so that they'll behave themselves. I treat them nice enuff! It is just so unfair when my sister's tortured piece is running, albeit with really weak pulses, but mine died despite my relatively attentive care!

And why, oh why must be beloved Life Support System be gone by now?
Hm...strangely enough, him leaving was as if pulling the plug of the machine.
And now, my dear Fujitsu #1 rests in peace.

And then all my bully-able sidekicks are gone! The helmet-ed one kinda disappeared tonight and the not handsome one ran back to Ipoh! Then there is the loud one whom i am not close to. How to approach?

Please let everything be alrite. .............which leads me to remembering Olivia. Saying tht her laptop kinda faced a similar problem, asked me to send it to the professionals and let them do their thing before it worsens, up to a point where i might lose all data.

Professionals. Worsening. Lose all data.
She is really trying to make me hit the panic button.
Angry at her now ;P

Anticipation really makes things a lot worse. After anticipating this long to see and chat with Uncle Tan, then this happened. Seriously a day of ups and downs!

With help from Helmet Man, I set up the connection on my own!
I logged on to MSN and chatted with a lot of people!
Then my connection could not be refreshed.
Then I saw Uncle Tan online!
Then the Win32 thing came out. Restart.
Then could not chat. Angry. Frus!
Then video chatted with WenJi for an hr!
Missed Uncle Tan when listening to Suteki Dane.
Had a funny dream

That was tiring.
If this persists, I think a visit to the proessionals will be inevitable. (I dun wanna admit that Olivia is rite!)

Another thing, Amy ignored my MSN msg today!
My singing deteriorated!
I ate a lot!

I hate my computing skills!

Oh...I feel better ady!
Blogging is healthy.

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