Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Girls girls girls

A wise friend of mine once said that: "Girls can be of three categories: Beautiful, Cute or Special. Beautiful is self explanatory, Cute is for the moderate ones while Special is for 'special occassions' or 'hard-to-put-in-words' cases".

Another friend of mine dislikes being labelled 'cute' due to the literal meaning of this word being 'ugly but adorable'.

Personally, I believe there are no 'special' or 'ugly' girls.
Only Lazy girls and Hardworking girls.

Let us evaluate this step by step, by matching the most common so-called ugly factors with the solutions out there.

1) FAT

Although not all of us are blessed with the perfect bone structure, a high metabolism, a natural love for healthy food or the genes for the ideal proportions, surely one can't blame every little bit of fat on their body the cruel result of fate. Take this scenario: One drools away/ goes green with envy/ curses the bikini clad *insert bad name* cruising along the beach:

Lazy Girl: So unfair (bites ice cream). I wish I had her genes (drinks hot chocolate) and metabolism (tears off a drumstick from a whole chicken).

Hardworking Girl: That is a lot of hard work in the gym and taking care of herself!

Lazy Girl: No matter how much I exercise, I won't get that body (chokes a bit on Coke). Why should I do it? Waste my time and effort, and waiting to get disappointed only (accidentally bit own hand).

Hardworking Girl: 30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength training tomorrow! Might not get a body as hot as hers but oh well, I can carve hotness out of what I have got!

Lazy Girl: Rainy day how to go jogging? Gym so far so inconvenient.

Hardworking Girl: Rainy day will just have to stretch about at home. Gym so far better grab some friends to go together or take my mp3 player with me.

From the Miss Bikini's point of view, if she is indeed a Lazy Girl blessed with such un-fatness - watch her become Miss Balloon damn soon.

2) Cosmetics

Dark circles, pimple scars, wrinkles, acne. What else is new? So again, to be blamed on the series of unfortunate teenage hormonal events or eroding effect of time? And don't get started on genes again. Okay, some of us are born with it and if you can accept these so-called imperfections and be at peace or proud of it, good on ya!! But point is, if you are so disatisfied with it, is there really nothing that you could do about it?

Lazy Girl: Yer, I hate my pimple scars, and my crows feet near the edge of my left eye, and the bushy eyebrows, and my dark circles! Why why why??? (Continues watching Heroes while scratching her belly)

Hardworking Girl: Dark circles - cucumber mask time and investment on some eye cream. Wrinkles! - Should eat more antioxidant loaded food and maybe massage my face properly. Pimples - pimple cream and drink more water (never mind the more frequent toilet trips).

Lazy Girl: Cosmetics - don't even know whether they work or not, waste time and money only. Be so vain for what!

Hardworking Girl: Sure, none of my eye creams seem to give significant effects but hey, I might be more panda-fied had I not used it! If I want to look good, I must make some efforts!

I really believe that little things you do such as moisturizing your skin, exfoliating more often and massaging your skin gently can do wonders in the long run. Pimple scars cannot be totally removed but pimple scars on moisturized skin surely look better and such taking care of skin can prevent more pimpple scars in the future!

3) Make up

Girls sometimes face conflicts when it comes to make up. The Schools of Thought being: Artificial vs Natural. My take is: Why So Serious? From a more simplified point of view, applying make up is just - fun. And it makes you look better so what is the harm?

Lazy Girl: So kasihan apply make up everyday for what. Who am I trying to impress or more like why should I impress them? (Breathes fire)

Hardworking Girl: Why the PMS take on make up? What is the harm of beautifying yourself, changing your look or enhancing your natural assets? And hello (!!) what century is this - make up is not just to impress others, do it for the love of yourself, girls!

Lazy Girl: But to spend hours in front of the mirror and with all those 'tools'! Such a waste of time and money and effort.

Hardworking Girl: The time, money and effort needed depend on the quality and *ahem* thickness of the make up you want. A common, au naturel everyday make up will take an average of less than 10 minutes which is the time you take to complain about putting on make up.


So the final verdict is:

Don't complain about your disatisfactions or blame them on other innocent factors if you are not gonna do anything about them!

Stop conflicting with your interests e.g. wanting to look prettier but at the same time opposing the mainstream or fearing others will label you as desperate. Come on, who doesn't wanna look good? Be honest with yourself!

I am proud to say that I am a moderately Hardworking Girl! I worry about getting fat, cringes at the sight of my pimple scars sometimes and enjoy seeing my eyes stand out after a quick dash of mascara :-) I do not push myself to the gym unless I feel extremely bloated and sluggish. I go to the gym cause I enjoy sweating out to de-stress and seeing the positive effects on my health. I apply cosmetics cause I believe in taking good care of my skin.

I love to get doll-ed up.
I enjoy seeing myself looking fresh and good.
I like the feeling of clean and pampered skin.

I am just a girly girl despite the Naruto, Final Fantasy, Playstation, etc.


I am currently quite free and am thinking of challenging my body. As all readers would have known, I am still on my quest to getting a bikini body since year. . .2003, just 5 years ago. And worse still, Miss Glyniss is yapping about going to a beach together once she touches down in Melbourne on the 6th of December, just 10 days away.

So I have been challenging myself physically e.g., crazy stuffs like running (RUNNING) 10 km and so on. (It is crazy for me okay!)

Seeing how freeeeeeeee I am right now, I am open to suggestions from my kind friends as part of my Quest.

Let us call it 'The Quest of the Golden Phoenix'.

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