Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Operation Elope

I jetted off to Sydney with Manly Ray (Taken from the lame Manly Beach joke) the last weekend for some much deserved RnR and self-realization after a whole year of uni madness. And of course here are some pictures we took from the trip~

This being our first trip together, was of course with some disagreements, mini tantrums (my doing! bwahaha!) and confusion. Nevertheless, it is funny how much more you learn about the other person by travelling together. Funny memories, inside jokes, lame actions and embarassing tourist antics - pure joy :-)

Being really SAFE and un-ADVENTUROUS people, me and Manly Ray took a different approach to this trip! I called it Operation Elope although this title was not accepted and blatantly ignored by my partner in crime. Anyway, Operation Elope was a tricky one to pull having a housemate so damn close to you and a birthday party with the kepo-est of Clayton a night before the operation.

We booked the tickets early on and kept it mum from EVERYONE. I rejected weekend commitments by telling everyone that a friend of mine was coming down from Perth and I will have to go around with her/him for the whole of the weekend. We slipped away from the birthday party early and packed up our baggages. Then we left early morning while WenJi was coming out of the bathroom.

WenJi: Eh so early?
Me: Yeah wanna go grab some grocery before heading down to the city.
Ray: "Speechless with a silly grin"

Then I left a note back home asking everyone to guess where I was to which little Amy called me on the phone when I was in Sydney's Queen Victoria Building and said, "You are at Victoria Market!" Amazingly, she got it half right.

Anyway, it was an amazing trip and it set my mind at its right place after a few days on inner conflict and confusion upon the last exam. Just what I needed *wink*

I decided to let the picture do the talking. The funny thing is, most of the pictures are worthy to be given a title ala a book title or an article title. So here goes . . .
'How to EAT up $50 upon 3 hours of touchdown in Sydney'

'Miss Sydney Fish Market 2008 - where flabulousity meets glutonour (gluttony+glamour)'

'Taking a passport-worthy picture wherever you are for Dummies'

'101 sure-fire ways to seduce the cameraman'

'Proving the theory behind the failure to suck-in of a female's abdominal area and horizontal stripes on a garment, and its effect towards a 34 inch waist', Journal of Abdominal Health.

'Glyniss's Diet Book in collaboration with Hurricane's' - public autograph and meet&greet sessions on 5th Dec 2008 in Chadstone *wink*'Tan and the Tanned" (like Beauty and the Beast boohoo)

"Lowena - The Epic"

'Doing the Mohawk'. This looks bananas!! - Rachel Zoe

'You can have sexy hair too!!' - step by step guide to 10000 hair-raisingly sexy hairstyles from Sarah Fawcett.

'Murder at Pancake at The Rocks'. Gory, really gory. - Film Critics Association.

'Glyniss's How to Make The One Beside You Fatter Guide'.

'BondiWatch: Life with an imaginary bikini'

'Memoirs of a Serial Fattener - a beautiful recollection of my journey towards fattening my beautiful partner' (Taken at Lindt's Chocolate Place near Darling Harbour).

It was a really nice trip. A little adventurous, a little crazy, a little impulsive.

But a lot of Ray-ness, thus immensely happy.

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