Thursday, November 27, 2008


Small surprises have been coming day after day to excite-up my mundane days. (All the happy-fying words are rainbow-coloured in this entry but do not let it fool you into believeing that I am very free, I mean FREE.)


On Wednesday, I approached an unexpected ring on my doorbell with suspicion only to receive this bundle of joy!

Have wild guess here, folks :-)

My Testamur for my Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) *tears of joy, no snot, a picture of perfection* After waiting for a month and bombarding the Graduation department with emails of why, where, when, what, how - my first ever Testamur is finally here safely . . . still inside the Tube :-)


On Thursday (yesterday), I got a MAJOR SURPRISE. No joke my friend, this is one so bizarre that it would take the cooperation of all forces of nature to make it happen. I hope somewhere in your memory (although I totally understand if you would rather retain that little memory space for something more useful like Pokemon names), you remember my fired up Golden Phoenix Quest to challenge my physical strength. So I was all motivated and ready to go work it out in the gym.

After publishing said post, it started raining. Never mind, a little rain won't stop me!

Then it became a hailstorm. I am sure it will stop very soon!

Then Ray offered to drive us to the gym. The rain cannot go against my will!

Chilly weather making me hungry. Eat a banana!

Lightning and thunder. Umbrella set!

Arrived in the gym and worked out for 2 minutes. . . .then the fire alarm went off. Evacuation warnings ensued. Everyone vacated the gym. Repeated the process of running to the car in the rain and back at home in 20 mins. *stoned expression* This was a complete surprise.

Oh and not forgetting, the results were out yesterday and 18th December will officially be my graduation day :-) I hope lotsa people will come!


Today, after an intense gym session (which I will relate later), I came home to a blue envelope addressed to me. I have never received a personal letter, mail or whatnot in the mailbox before, save the time Mum sent me a bookmark. Despite knowing who it was from, I impatiently opened the envelope - ripped the envelope a bit due to my extreme muscles developed earlier in the gym *smug look*

A card from my Brother. How sweet of him - I was just complaining to him through email (kedekut until didn't want to spend sms credit on him!) about being slightly stressed muahaha and now I got this. Maybe I should complain more :-)

I have always refered to him as my Brother, and most people do think I have a brother but in truth, he is my cousin. But cousin or brother, they are just 'titles'. I have never seen him as less than a brother, so why let a mere title or biological-whatnot affect it?

It is great to have really close knit family. A necessity in life. A treasure never to be taken for granted. Speaking of which, I had a horrible dream about my Sis the other night. We were at some kind of formal function and instead of a manicure or pedicure, she had a denticure! A self-created word - denticure: imagine pedicure but on your teeth. The image of her showing me her teeth, ape-style, with black linings and beads and glitter and crystals on them, still vivid and still creepy. Surprisingly the Me in my dream, treated it as a normal thing! The conversation was something like this:

Sis: I think black is not a good colour rite?

Me: Yeah, made you teeth look like very, dirty only.

Sis: Yeah and I should not have asked for the beads and crystrals, it looks a bit too much and shiny rite?

Me: Yeah lo. Like too much going on in your mouth.


More on Today - What a surprise! It is Cik Melissa Chong punya birthday!


More more on Today!

A review of my 10km quest in the gym:

3.13 km on the Xtrainer.

4.25 km on the Treadmill.

6 km on the stationary bike discounted to 3 km seeing how cycling is almost twice as fast as walking.

A grand total of: 10.38 km!

*Victory chant*


Seeing the comment from Cloud in my chatbox reminded me of this small incident in Sydney which I was kinda reluctant to relay at first *ahem* cos I am not an otaku, you see *ahem*.

Manly Ray was in the toilet when I saw this in a candy show near Darling Harbour and dashed into the store to check it out, only to heave a sigh of relief and cursing my developing otaku-ness.

I saw this and thought it was a can of Banora apples. *bites lips*

For your information, Banora White Apple Juice cans, as seen above, is quite a 'big' part of the game Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. So, er, well. . . it does look alike, doesn't it!?
Not my fault~!
Anyway, after a happy session of blogging now I am wondering what surprises are there in store for me tomorrow.
True enough, everyday is a gift and surprises are everywhere if we are kind enough to know how to appreciate small, simple things in life.

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