Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When you are young, it feels weird to know that one of your peers have departed.

It is unexpected. To a certain extent, unnatural or not meant to be.

After all. We are just about to start our journey. At least, I am just embarking on a job application road.

With the departure, what is left, is a void. Not capable of being filled with anything in this world. Around this void will be endless ties which were abruptly cut off, now lying helplessly in the sad sad sight. Wanting to be reconciled, but unable to hold onto the void.

That is in reality.

It gets more confusing when you approach it from another sense. Logging onto Facebook or Friendster, you still see his very last shout-out, pictures of him mere months ago spelling normalcy and messages between him and others. None of anyone knowing what was to happen. Tracking all these tiny bits of remnants of said person, isn't this what we always do whenever we log onto Facebook or Friendster?

We know what is happening to others without having to interact with them directly. But now, doing the same thing, I somehow feel like he has not departed at all.

Does it mean that the same void will appear in that internet space, or that very Facebook account?

It will never be updated again.
The page suddenly seems empty.

Cherish. Appreciate. Live for every moment.

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