Monday, November 16, 2009

Empty again

My brother just left for Brisbane today :-(

And this song describes totally how I feel right now.


I'm living in an apartment

Never have before

And it feels a bit strange living up here on the seventh floor

In the city where I come from

We always lived in a house

But now I've got people over me

Under meI'm living with my lover

We've only got two rooms

And I'm working at a day job while I decide what I really want to do

I remember back in high school

Everyone was the same

But now I've got people over me

Under me

Climb, climb, climb up the stairs

Everybody up the emergency exit

Everybody wants the view from way up there

I'm living for the present

I'm living day to day

And I don't have a trust fund

Don't feel the need to superannuate

And when I'm feeling down, down, down

I end up in your arms

And your love washes over me

Under me

Lover please don't get over me

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