Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The small karaoke room

If there is one thing I can never say no to, it will have to be karaoke.

I love singing. The dim room. The loud music. The back-up choir friends.
Singing is one of the best forms of release, be it anger, frustration, sadness, happiness or joy. While others release themselves by going on roller coaster rides, I prefer to sing (I bit my lips so hard till it bled the last time I was on a pirate ship as I just couldn't scream).

Singing allows me to really immerse myself into the lyrics and express whatever I feel through the music. Don't think that I am being exaggerative here, or maybe I am an exaggerative personality? The point is I escape when I sing.

After a few songs, usually I will be floored by my emotions and begin imagining myself being in this picture where I was standing alone on a big stage in a big stadium with no audience. The same ol' picture all the time.

I have a loud voice! But I can never bring myself to really scream or throw my voice out without a care of the world. I tend to hold back and not hit the max point.

I really admire people who can live their lives carefree instead of being bound by all the man-made societal or corporate rules. Those who can shout "I Love You" to that special someone without thinking twice. Those who bounce off into the ocean on an unexpectedly hot Melbourne day. Those who stand up for a friend without hesitation.

Whenever I see Teru singing onstage, I really wish I could be like him. To sing with all his heart without holding back his voice or antics, letting music and feelings control his body. I really wish I can live a moment like that.

And that moment for me, is in the humble Karaoke room.
Sure I am not as carefree, adventurous or courageous as I would like to be. It is not a big stage but a small karaoke room I am singing in.
But I am happy.
There is so much that I want to accomplish and so much that I wish I could do right now. Just like how I struggle to break through to my max point in the karaoke room, I am trying everyday to accomplish whatever I set out to do.
Being in the small dark karaoke room and Glay songs never fail to remind me that.

Life can be as sweet as cupcakes if you want it to be.

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