Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flipping the pages

Okay this will a random post as I have a million tots running through my tiny mind.
Lowena: I wanna go Philadelphia Island!!
Me: Where is that. . . is it here in Melbourne?
Lowena: To see penguins!
Me: Oh. You. Mean. Philip. Island.
Was reminded of this when I was preparing some Philadelphia Cream Cheese to make my cheese cake.
Was further reminded me of a very important person who is probably looking after all of us from up above.
Kah Ci Kah Ci. Lok Gu Lok Gu.
The pet names for me and my sister when we were little.
How special that only both of us had pet names.
How funny that we even wanted to name our fashion line 'KachiLoku' in the future.
How amazing memories flow back just like that.
How sad that no one calls us by this anymore.
It has been a while since I have really listened to music.
Guess I am just not as young/hip/up-to-date as when I still felt young (!) sighhhhhh. Times like this I am glad I have my old favourite with me - GLAY.
Here's a secret: I wanted my first concert to be Glay's so I have been holding off all other concerts.
But this is so ambitious and quite impossible - firstly, cost; secondly, geographical barrier; thirdly, language barrier; finally, getting the tickets!
Believe me, I pushed for it the last time I went to Japan.
So the other day I was walking home from gym in the drizzle. A bit of rain, gloomy skies, alone, slight chill in the air, Glay music only to my ears - what better time to emo I ask you.
Hence, I began thinking - why must I think it is impossible to go to their concert? I think so only because I am not putting effort into trying to force my way into their lives haha, I mean, concert. I am 100% sure I will be beyond excited and it will long live as one of the highlights in my life. So why not?
The conclusion is: I cannot find a reason not to.
So here 2010 - let me Glay it.
Everything beautiful starts from the inside.
Thus, it is very important to have beautiful lingerie on in order to have the motivation to dress up pretty, make up nicely and work that fitness into your body.
I usually can't wait for the weekdays to be over. Then there is the dilemma that the faster the weekends come, the sooner I will turn 24. So how?
But now I really don't hope for the weekend to come so soon :-(
For Sunday will see me and Shiro being stuck with each other again while the third musketeer jets off to Alice Springs.
Masterchef is a devil.
Not only am I watching it every single night (I am rooting for Adam and Philip!!!!!), I am cooking/baing up a storm almost every day.
Let's take today as an example, I made:-
Herbal soup with chicken drumstick
Kangkung and prawns in chilli sauce
Luncheon meat with omelette (this is ciplak haha)
White fungus soup with red dates
Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake
There goes my no sugar diet wooooooooooopppppppssss!
I just realised that one of my colleagues has the most beautfiul skin I have ever seen - pearly white, smooth, glowing and pinkish.
I really wanted to ask her about her secret. As far as I could kepo, I only found out she is a vegetarian. And vegetarian I know I cannot be.
There was this one time I went to a vegetarian restaurant with friends and after a hearty meal, I did not feel a thing in my stomach. Which is very much weird as I really did eat a lot!
A mystery I never could understand!
I miss my Mum, Dad, YiMa and Choo Choo.
Not my Sister - she is coming soon and that means trouble, noise, money going out. Sigh, I really don't love her, why must she come over?
Can you ever imagine yourself buying a handbag up in the thousand-dollars range or more? Frankly I cannot.
Why why why?
And for someone so imaginative - I have tried hard and long trying to imagine the moment I do so but I just couldn't! I shall try to dream it out tonight just to see how it would feel like. Chanel, mama's coming to you tonight.
I still don't know what Ray is playing in Oblivion.
Hmmm good night.

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