Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is a post about the three F's - Family, Friends, Fools.

Apparently these are the people you get funding from if you want to start a business - we shall see!


Today is my beloved sister's big 26 birthday, Happy Birthday Sis!

I have watched her grow - albeit reluctantly - over the years. From her first poser picture to the very new ones today.

We have stuck to each other and bounced each other off through thick.

And thin. Oh and my drug dealer past. Haha.

I am glad to say that my sister has grown into fine young lady - camwhore expert, KFC loving, make-up advocate, high heels obsessed. In fact I don't find her any different from last time.

Still the same lovable face. Oh but now with the equally lovable loud voice. What is not to lurve?
This is a shout out to you: Happy Birthday! Waiting for your arrival to redeem the lavish birthday dinner and present in July!

Tshun came to visit me in Melbourne on Sunday and I was overjoyed!!! Max overjoyed!
It has been soooooooooooooooooooo long since I had a high school friend here with me in the lonely lands of Melbourne.
As usual, we talked about stories way in the past, jokes way over their humor due date and future way ahead but seems so near. Nostalgic and gratitude were what I felt. But need not make it complicated - one word is enough: happy.
Went around the wineries in Yarra Valley for the cheapest form of entertainment: wine tasting.
Me: Mmmmm this wine is goood!
Tshun: Wah damn sweet. Just like soft drinks.
Till we meet again under the same vast blue skies.

Or over the same mountain of pasta.

I always think he must be a fool for treating someone like me so kind and with so much love.
I always think he really must be a fool for putting up with my whinings, complaints and cold jokes.
I really think he must be a fool for making me a fool like me so happy through webcam.
And hence these two fools are on LDR again. Which sucks.
It never sucked this badly two years ago and that lasted for a year. How did that happen?

Now I can only sigh whenever I catch sight of the tiny bits of himself he left behind - the dirty pair of jeans, the wiltered flowers, the huge box of bran he mistakenly bought - not really tiny items, after all!

And again - surviving on phone calls, MMS, SMS, MSN and memories.
I must be such fool for writing all this now :(

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