Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mr Tan's BDay Surprise Project 1

For Mr Tan's birthday last year, I decided to do something lazy-creative. I called up all my friends (some mutual, some he met once, some heard of him from me a lot) and asked them to think of romantic surprises I can give him along with a birthday wish.

I have many good friends and the response was great (I was a bit pushy too mehbee). The suggestions ranged from romantic to funny, cheesy to bizarre and downright impossible. Some of the suggestions, I wonder if they harboured hate towards me or maybe on a more positive note, over-the-top love for Mr Tan.

I put all these ideas into envelopes and sealed them one by one with. . . . glue la. Stuck on the face of the envelopes were the birthday messages and who they were from. So in a pper box, lying strayly in the wardrobe, lie all these amazing ideas from some surprisingly funny/romantic/evil friends of mine - waiting to be fulfilled for the pure happiness of Mr Tan (or maybe pure enjoyment of my friends seeing me do them).

I started with the easiest idea from a friend whom I shall not name. Why?

Cause it was a failure. Damn it, first idea crashed and burnt in my hands!

Idea #1: Bake him a cake

So I 'attempted' to bake a blueberry fresh cream cake, seeing how Mr Tan has mentioned about being disappointed at the taste of the Secret Recipe Mango Delight Cake he used to adore so much when he tasted it again early this year. I thought of making him a mango fresh cream cake but mangoes are not in season yet! So blueberries then.

Look at my first birthday surprise for him!

Yummylicious right? What, doesn't look like it? What do you mean :-(

Yes, this must be the ugliest cake ever complete with melting make up.

Sigh. But before you give up on me, I attempted another idea. And this time, a really sweet idea from Loong.

Idea #2: Bring him to a beach and once he arrives, surprise him with either candles/ christmas lights with a special message to him. Better still if you have fireworks! (From Loong)

So with tiny little lights . . . .

. . and with many of them . . .

I conjured a message . . .

. . in the heart of the room.

He was surprised and I think he liked it (maybe secretly) when he came back to see it on the wall all the way from Alice Springs - the land of red sand, kangaroo meat and no Masterchef on TV.
I guess this counts as a success? Regardless this serves as a good begining (the cake doesn't count) to this surprise marathon.
Till then, signing off with love to all you peeps!

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