Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No sugar diet!

Everyone who knows me knows that I love junk food - the sugary, the salty and the creamy mmm-mmm.

Mum: What do you want for lunch?
3-year-old me who didn't like to eat anything: Keropok.

I have lived a long 17 years of unhealthy diet -
Zero count of: vegetables.
Less than minimum of: water.
More than enough of: snacks, dessert, soy sauce, soft drinks.

That was until I studied Biology and it gave me a shudder thinking of what I was doing to my body.

Well that is not the point.

I was thinking seriously the other day and then a new realisation dawned upon me.

"Why have I never had a flat tummy for all these years - could it be because of all the unnecessary stuff I have been consuming?"

Then one thought led to another:-

"Basically don’t eat any chocolate or sweets…nothing that’s kind of unhealthy. Lots of healthy food, working out a lot, lots of cardio.” - Alessandro Ambrosio on her post-baby body.


I love exercising. I love being active.

But I love SUGAR more.

And I always hear people telling me that I eat too sweet/salty for anyone's good.

Is it possible that despite all my exercise/sit up straight/suck in tummy/whining/praying effort in trying to make my tummy disappear, my love of sugar has ruined everything?
This is so hard to accept that I have to hold on to something to support myself.

After all, accepting the fact is different from knowing the fact all along :P
Anyway, after thinking long and far, I have decided to go on a major diet change. . . . . for a week.
Before you boo, listen! This is just a short term plan to test:
- how major is the impact of sugar in tummy bulge development
- how determined I am in rejecting my food-love
- how cranky I will become in the process
So for the whole of this week, I will:
- Not touch, deliberately, any form of sugary food.
- Drink more than 2.5L of water a day
- Exercise at least once every 2 days
And 7 days from now, one of the mysteries of my life, will be uncovered.
Damn, the pictures and the thought of no sugar is making me think of sugar.

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