Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As things start to assemble together, my days here are getting more carefree and my mood certainly better. Our house is welcoming us ady~ and furniture hunting will commence soon (I hope!). It is nice to have a lot of helpful people around you~!

As I was walking under the burning sun towards uni today, I tot I might as well show u guys a glimpse of what I see everyday while walking.

Although not really visible, the sun was really really glaring at me hard. But I really like the peaceful and quiet air in this picture. I walk along pavements such as these for around 10 minutes before I reach the boundaries of Monash itself as shown in the next picture!

I didn't have any orientation which must be attended today, so I just lounged around the Matheson Library before meeting up with Daniel for lunch and then bubble tea. Daniel of cos didn't change much, still with the surname Lame. Nyahaha. But during lunch, something occured to me.

"Have I been eating such LARGE portions all year long during my exchange year?"


The BBQ Pork Rice I ordered was seriously huge, just like my sis's erm...never mind. And the lamest thing was when Daniel Lame announced so proudly that he will be bringing me to taste nice Malaysian food 3 days after I left Malaysia. Clever boy, rite?

Anyway, I suddenly came across the word 'tattoo' in a book while in the library which prompted me to look through my handphone for some valuable but forgotten pictures. Did you know that I actually got some cool-to-the-max tattoos once upon a time?

Cool? Not at all! For I got a cheapskate tattoo-ist with a cheap blue ballpen who did this for me while she slacked off her Economics work. The most uncool fact? I forgot about it and walked all around ColdStorage (a supermarket) displaying it to the whole world of Subang Parade, until a very short sighted cousin of mine told me!

This is basically how my holiday was spent.

I have been happy about another fact! My future house is located quite near to the bus loop! So that means. . . . my happy feet can walk there in high heels! And in case you are wondering why I would suffer like that, please dun worry for me. For I have learnt the secret to all this. Courtesy of Miss Glyniss Ng, I present you the secret formula to comfort and glamour.

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